All Of Jimin's Solo Songs Highlight His One-Of-A-Kind Vocals

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Usually, fans quake in fear when they find out a boy band member is releasing a solo project, because they think it's a sign the group is splitting up, but when it comes to BTS, their ARMY has the opposite reaction. As a mature fandom that's thrived for over seven years, they know whenever BTS drops a solo single or mixtape, it's literally just a project to showcase their individual charms, and there's not much more to it than that. Thanks to ARMYs' overwhelming support, BTS has pursued so many solo endeavors without having to worry about endless speculation they're splitting up. In fact, fans wish members could release more solo projects. When it comes to BTS' Jimin's solo songs, fans love them so much, they hope he considers dropping a full album someday.

A few members, like Jungkook and V, have confirmed they'll be releasing mixtapes soon, but Jimin has played a little bit more coy about his solo plans. Fans know he's working on something secret.

In BTS' Map of the Soul: 7 - The Journey Japanese special that aired on July 5, Jimin confirmed he's been busy working on "this and that" to show ARMY while BTS waits to get back on tour. It's unclear what exactly "this and that" is, but ARMYs hope it's music. After all, apart from Jimin's mind-blowing dance skills, his vocal range and color are truly one of a kind.

ARMYs can't wait to hear an update about that project from Jimin, but until then, they can listen to his solo songs, which highlight his angelic voice that has only gotten more amazing over time.

October 2016: "Lie"

Wings was a turning point for BTS' musical style because, for the first time, the group shared individual tracks for each member. To match the record's dark concept, Jimin shared "Lie" — a song about facing one's greatest fears. "Pull me from this hell. I can’t be free from this pain. Save me, I am being punished," Jimin sings on the track.

Jimin tells himself to not be a "prey" of his situation and to try and fight back instead.

September 2017: "Intro: Serendipity"

As opposed to themes of enduring pain and self-doubt fans heard in "Lie," in "Intro: Serendipity," Jimin feels a sense of calm because he's exactly where he needs to be. "All this is no coincidence/ Just, just, by my feeling/ The whole world is different from yesterday," Jimin sings in a markedly different, but equally gorgeous, tone than his first solo song.

During RM's October 2017 VLIVE album special, he revealed Jimin wanted to really challenge himself with this song, so he studied various vocal styles to help him achieve the final product.

"Jimin said he wanted to break his own barriers. When you think of Jimin, he always sang high notes and the chorus [of our songs]. He asked me for advice on how to grow as an artist outside of that," RM said.

August 2018: "Serendipity" (Full Length Edition)

As if fans couldn't love "Serendipity" more, Jimin shared a longer version of the song on BTS' Love Yourself: Answer album. The full-length edition includes a beautiful bridge, during which Jimin expands on the song's meaning about feeling like meeting someone was destiny. "Together we're flying/ It's never over/ Don't be nervous and grab my hand," Jimin reassures fans on the song.

December 2018: "Promise"

"Promise" marked Jimin' first solo single outside of a BTS album, and fans loved it because of its comforting message about not being alone during tough times.

In the song, Jimin tells fans he cares about them and hopes they can find the strength to push past whatever struggles they're experiencing. "Promise me now/ No matter how many times you feel alone in a day/ You won’t throw yourself away," he sings.

While fans now know the song as an uplifting tune, Jimin explained in a January 2019 VLIVE it was originally meant to be a "dark song," during which he "told [himself] off" for his mistakes. Once he reached a more positive mindset, he changed "Promise" into a reminder for both himself and fans to keep pushing through whatever life throws at them.

"I wanted to make a promise to myself. Even if life makes things difficult, I won’t make things difficult for myself. I won’t insult myself," Jimin explained. "I hoped that lots of people would hear the song and that it would comfort them as well." The message resonated so much with fans, "Promise" became the most-streamed song in 24 hours on Soundscloud, beating out the record previously held by Drake's "Duppy Freestyle."

"Promise" holds the record to this day.

February 2020: "Filter"

Jimin always seems to reinvent himself with every project, and in "Filter," that very quality is the theme of the song. In it, he sings that, like a camera filter, he can change and show a different side of himself at the snap of a finger, overriding just about anyone's preferences with his charms. "Mix the colors in the pallete, pick your filter. Which me do you want? The one to change your world, I'm your filter," he sings.

In a February 2020 interview with Spotify, Jimin explained in this song, he wanted to present himself to the world "in many different ways."

Jimin definitely achieved this because whenever he releases music, fans never know which direction he'll go. As far as the music charts, however, the direction is pretty clear: up. Jimin's "Filter" has been his most successful solo song yet. It debuted at No. 87 on the Billboard Hot 100, and went on to became the most-streamed song by a Korean soloist on Spotify in 2020, surpassing the previous record set by Zico's "Any Song."

Fans know that, as Jimin continues to grow, he, along with BTS, will only get better and better.