The Pool Float You Need For This Summer, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Sam's Club/Amazon

I know we're only creeping our way into spring at this point, but I can't help but break out the bikinis and all the sunscreen in hopes that the sunniest season of the year comes a little bit sooner. When the days are longer, you can spend hours with your feet soaked in the sand and surf — and maybe have a bonfire on the beach with your besties, too. Seriously, aside from the ocean, we can't get enough s'mores and those sweet nights of making memories. You've prepped the marshmallows, and maybe a polaroid camera, too. But the pool float you need for this summer has been picked out by the stars, and you'll want to take the universe's cues for an unreal summer.

You daydream about your picture-perfect beach days and afternoons spent by the pool all the time. The real world has you so stressed out, and you need at least a week of wading in a tropical paradise to cure your wanderlust. That semester you studied abroad was truly the best, because you could jet set on the weekends to some of the best European beaches without a worry in the world.

This summer, you're looking for all the relaxation, and you'll probably take at least one trip to the lake for some swimming. But, if you really want to feel refreshed, you'll need to buy something fun and flirty in advance. Hang in style this summer with a pool float that's been picked out just for you, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: A Cactus
American Eagle

Bigmouth Cactus Pool Float, $30, American Eagle

You have a lot of confidence, Aries. You're most comfortable when you're following your dreams and leading the pack. Most would shy away from the road less traveled, but you choose to trail blaze it yourself, and watch others follow in your footsteps.

It's natural for your star sign to take on challenges with a whole lot of passion, so a pool float that's just as extra about everything is the perfect pick. A cactus, like you, has its rough edges and stands oh-so-tall in the desert. The universe is sure that this summer will be hot and full of sunshine, so you'll want to channel all of this float's best characteristics and take a few dips, too.

Taurus: A Slice Of Pizza

Swim Central Inflatable Pizza Slice, $30, Amazon

Pizza party or pool party, Taurus? This summer, you won't have to decide between the two thanks to this float that combines all the finer things in life. Like pizza, you're known for being the reliable one in all your relationships. Some might call you predictable, or even average, but the universe knows you just like to approach life in a practical way. You wouldn't want to spread your cheese too thin, you know?

We all love a good pizza pie, but sharing a slice is always out of the question, so you might want to think about ordering a couple of these pool floats for you and your crew. Joey from Friends knows it best, that even your closest pals can't get a bite of the best from the parlor down the street. You just don't share food like that.

Gemini: A Bottle Of Rosé
Urban Outfitters

Rosé Bottle Pool Float, $28, Urban Outfitters

Get ready, Gemini. This summer is about to be so good. You're not always the most adventurous among the star signs, but you do love taking a sweet road trip down the coast with your crew. Every year, you look forward to getting your friends together for unlimited beach days and finding your spot in the sun.

This rosé bottle pool float will show off your social side and surely attract the party to you and your people. On one hand, you can sometimes be shy, but on the other, you're quite the social butterfly, and can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. The universe will probably have you making memories with some unexpected new friends this summer, so don't be surprised if you have to pass the bottle around a bit.

Cancer: A Convertible Car

Retro Pink Convertible Float, $128, FUNBOY

A convertible car is the pool float for you, Cancer. You're a water sign, so summer is really right up your alley, and I'll bet you're itching to fast-forward a few months so you can spend your days by the sea. Maybe you even have a pool in your backyard that you love to lounge around in. Soaking up the sun can really be done anywhere, but it's always better where it's wetter.

In your friend crew, you have the most wild imagination. You owe all of your intense thoughts and feelings to your emotional nature, and you can't help but turn everything into a challenge. This summer, you'll get a chance to channel the best parts of your creative side in this pool-float-turned-convertible-car. Imagine yourself driving down the California coastline, or taking a road trip to somewhere relaxing — all while casually hanging in a body of water.

Leo: A Giant Flamingo
Sam's Club

Party Bird Island Pool Float, $150, Sam's Club

You have a lot of friends, Leo. And you're planning on spending all your days by the pool, surrounded by your besties and a full-blown squad. Summertime is the best time to get social because everyone is always in the mood to party. There's something about sunshine that brings out the brightest parts of your personality, and your summer-baby soul has long been wondering if winter was ever going to end.

The stars have decided that this giant flamingo pool float will be so ideal for you and all your social gatherings. You can't make memories alone, and this pool float will invite you to have fun with your friends by your side every step of the way. Pack some extra snacks in the cooler, and maybe even start a round of beach volleyball. You always bring the party, and now you'll bring the best pool float, too.

Virgo: An Avocado
Urban Outfitters

Avocado Pool Float, $28, Urban Outfitters

An avocado? Thanks!

Virgo, you love getting outside. Summertime is your favorite season because you can get back to nature and feed all the adventurous parts of your soul. Maybe you like to go hiking, or perhaps you just choose to relax in a hammock with a good book. On any given day, you're working really hard, so it's time to reward yourself and play just as hard.

You'll want this avocado pool float for all the days of self-care ahead of you this summer. Eating well is so your style, and you love to pay attention to the little things in life that make a big difference. An avocado float speaks to your soul in the best way, and honestly, you're probably going to make everyone on the beach hungry AF.

Libra: A Set Of Wings

Angel Wings Float, $129, FUNBOY

It's good vibes only this summer for you, Libra. You're all about finding the peace and quiet. The past few months have been all about the stress of living in the real world, full of continuous chaos. You want to spend your summer floating above all the drama and into your daydreams. This set of angel wings will transport you right to that happy place you've been fantasizing about. Relaxation just reached a whole new level, girl.

The universe knows you love getting outside and finding your center, and pools are probably one of the most peaceful places to go in the summer, as long as you find the ideal spots. So, scope out your local scene, and find one that will let you spread your wings and fly.

Scorpio: An Ice Cream Cone
Urban Outfitters

Ice Cream Cone Pool Float, $28, Urban Outfitters

You're oh-so-sweet, Scorpio. When it comes to just about anything and everything in life, you're a pretty passionate soul. You let your heart guide your decisions, and you've probably been called a hopeless romantic more than once by now. Summertime, for you, is an opportunity to live life like one of those love stories you see in the movies. We're talking Sandy and Danny in Grease, or Allie and Noah in The Notebook.

Truth is, when the sun is shining, anything seems possible, and I hope you find someone special to float alongside you this summer. In the meantime, the universe believes that you need an ice cream cone pool float to remind you that life is pretty sweet with or without soul mates. After all, you're young, and finding adventure this summer should be most important.

Sagittarius: A Tropical Tube

Tropical Palm Tube Float, $49, FUNBOY

This summer, you're probably headed somewhere tropical, Sagittarius. You always have your suitcase packed and your passport ready to be stamped. Honestly, you probably started booking your trips back in the winter. While some people will be relaxing by the pool in their backyard, or heading down to the beach, you'll be hopping on a plane to travel somewhere exotic — and you need the perfect pool float to match your destination.

Although this tropical tube might seem simple compared to all the unique ones out there, it's going to be just right for all of your adventures. You'll be snapping photos in bright teal waters, surrounded by gorgeous views. You wouldn't want your pool float to totally take over the scenery, so this will be the casual addition to your already unreal summer experience. Just don't forget to come home at some point, OK?

Capricorn: A Gold Swan

Inflatable Swan Pool Float, $99, REVOLVE

Floating has never looked so fashionable, Capricorn. You're all about quality over quantity. So, you could buy a bunch of pool floats for all of your friends — or you could invest a little bit in a gold swan that will surely make your summer sweet and one to remember.

As an earth sign, you like to keep yourself fairly grounded. Nobody would dare to call you "extra," or expect you to do something that wasn't, at the very least, responsible. Sure, you can come across as serious sometimes, but you always know how to let loose and have fun when the time calls for it.

The stars have decided that a pool float that shows this other side of you, the side that appreciates the finer things in life, is oh-so-necessary. And you'll probably want to snap at least a few pictures sitting on this shiny swan for the 'Gram.

Aquarius: A Narwhal

Mimosa Narwhal Pool Float, $46, Amazon

You're one of a kind, Aquarius. There's nobody else in this world quite like you, and you really wouldn't want it any other way. Out of all the star signs, you're probably the most confident in your personality. You're not afraid to go against the group, especially if it's something you believe in. And you're never one to shy away from a social situation where you can stand out in a crowd.

All eyes will be on you this summer with this perfectly fun narwhal pool float. A narwhal is kind of like a unicorn, but honestly so much better. Like you, a narwhal is really just doing its own thing in the ocean. Your friends will love how, once again, you've found a way to be different.

Pisces: A Donut
Urban Outfitters

Lilac Donut Inner Tube Pool Float, $28, Urban Outfitters

Pisces, you love your alone time, so all of those pool parties and beach bashes are a bit out of your comfort zone. Sure, you're still incredibly social, and you love spending time with the people you hold close, but you wouldn't mind jet setting to a tropical destination by yourself if the opportunity came around.

A donut is a classic pool float for those looking to be fun and flirty this summer. You're not always trying to escape reality, but the sunny season is definitely the best time to get your much-needed escape from whatever drama is going on in your life. Pack up your beach bag with all the essentials, and blow up this pool float that speaks to your side of solitude.

This summer is bound to be just as sweet as a donut with rainbow sprinkles. But, you'll need the best pool float picked out for you by the universe before you can say you're beach-bound.