Let’s Be Real, Going To The Beach Is WAY Better Than Visiting A City


Beach, please. You're so over the city scenes. You'd rather slip on a pair of sandals instead of sneakers, and prefer saturated sunsets over skylines filled with skyscrapers. Spring break is sort of a dream for you because you and all of your friends are going on tropical getaways. Oh boy, you can't wait to fill your social media feed with pineapples and to spend endless hours wading out the semester in the waves. People who love the beach more than the city can relate to the fact that winter is truly the worst, and tropical resorts are really where it's at -- along with these other things they have in common.

The sand, surf, and sun just speak to your soul. You find yourself spending time by the ocean even when it's not summer, and bundling up in sweaters just so you can be closer to the sea. Maybe you come from bustling streets and busy schedules, or have just never been a fan of the bright lights. But, you'd take a tropical trip over a weekend following your wanderlust elsewhere any day. Seriously, if somebody handed you a plane ticket to an exotic place, you'd leave tomorrow and maybe not even take a minute to pack a suitcase.

If you love the beauty of the beach, more than the culture of the city, then you know these 15 things are totally true. You always feel at peace when you're sitting by the shore, and can't get enough of something so salty and sweet.

Your Favorite Season Is Summer

How could anyone not love summer? 'Tis the sea-sun for long days at the beach with your besties, that end in bonfires and unlimited amounts of s'mores. Maybe you take a camping trip every year, or rent a cute cottage with your family and friends. All of your best memories were made during those barefoot days that seemingly lasted forever.

You Want To Soak Up All Of The Sunshine

Spending time in tropical places means the perfect tan lines. On any given day, you'd rather lay on a lounge chair and soak up everything the sun has to offer, than be sweating it out in the city. Sure, islands and even some of those European beaches have their local foods you'll want to try, and people you'll want to meet. But, for the most part, your main priority is soaking up a bunch of vitamin D and vitamin sea.

You Love Living The Chill Life

Living the chill beach life is everything. You don't have to worry about picking out an outfit in the morning, because you'll probably just be wearing your bathing suit. You'll likely ditch the makeup for some lip balm, and your hair will get thrown up in the most ideal messy bun. You'd rather be relaxing than be on your feet for hours. Lucky for you, the beach doesn't require you to get up unless it's for snacks and some extra sunscreen.

You Love Feeling The Sand Between Your Toes

Some people absolutely hate the sand because it just gets everywhere. Seriously, sometimes you find it in the weirdest places and long after you leave the beach, too.

You don't mind the feeling one bit and actually are calmed by sinking your toes into something so soft and fine. Sure, on some days when the sun is shining a whole lot, the sand is almost too hot to walk on and you find yourself sprinting toward the waves just to get some relief. Feel the burn -- you're just fine, because you're at the beach.

You'd Live In Your Favorite Swimsuits If You Could

You wish you could just keep swimming forever and ever. There's something so low-maintenance about a bathing suit and tropical style. If you could live in your swimsuits year-round it wouldn't be quite realistic, but you'd never have to worry about being uncomfortable in those itchy sweaters and tight turtlenecks. You could ditch the bulky boots, and get ready in the morning in five minutes flat.

You'd Rather Be Too Hot Than Too Cold

You like your sun like you like your coffee -- strong and hot. OK, to be honest, you're probably one of those people who finds a way to justify ordering iced coffee even when it's snowing outside. It just gets you into that tropical mindset, what can you say?

Bundling up in blanket scarves can surely make for some cozy naps and the ideal snuggle sesh with your significant other. But, if you had to choose, you'd pick the beach with your pup over pillows and layers of cardigans. There's no such thing as burning up when there's a beautiful ocean breeze.

You Like Trying New Foods

Pineapple, dragonfruit, kiwis -- all of those vibrant fruits and foods are calling your name and your taste buds on the reg. At home, you scroll through Pinterest and try to make your very own acai bowls that are somewhat social media-worthy. Smoothies send your soul straight into summertime, and you're always finding the freshest ingredients to add to your regular recipes. Truth is, all of these tropical vacations have taught you to branch out and get a little gourmet.

You Own Way Too Many T-Shirts

Your drawers are absolutely packed with too many tees. When you and your friends go shopping, you often find yourself buying another basic white shirt that can be layered with your bathing suits. Your credit card really doesn't know how to swipe for anything other than summer style, and you certainly have your own fashion sense with such tropical taste.

One day, you hope to live in a place where all your basics will be best. Somewhere along the coast of California, where everyone has such an awesome beach vibe, will truly be fitting for you.

You Love Packing Light

Going to the beach opposed to the city means that you get to travel so light. Bathing suits and flip flops don't weigh nearly as much as jeans and heels do, and you'll use all of that extra space to fill your bag with bottles of sand as souvenirs. To be honest, you could probably do fine for the week with just a carry-on bag and a backpack.

You May Come From Someplace Cold

You love the ocean, but maybe only because you're stuck somewhere where it's a little cold the majority of the year. Cloudy days give us foggy minds, and we soak up that one weird warm day on the forecast like we've never seen the sun. If your roots are in a place that isn't so tropical, then you'd always like to vacation to where it's warmer. A change of scenery is always nice, but so is getting away from the rain and into a golden state of mind.

You're Always Stocked Up On Sunscreen

Spending so much time in the sun means you're stocked up on sunscreen. You've researched all of the best brands for your skin type, and have a few bottles that are your tried and true. Anytime you're outside with your friends, they always look to you for a little UV protection, because you have one of those travel-sized containers in your bag at all times. Who knows when you'll make a spontaneous trip to the beach? You need to always be prepared.

You Always Have The Best Beach Waves

Your friends use endless amounts of products to obtain your beach waves. You're honestly such an inspiration that way. Salt air means your hair is naturally getting a little curly during your sunny getaway, and maybe you've started to see some blonde streaks, too. After taking a dip, you'll let your locks dry in the summer air, or maybe throw in a nice fishtail braid to get it out of your face. It's all so worth a selfie to commemorate being one with the beach.

You Read A Lot Of Good Books

Summer reading lists growing up were absolutely dreadful because they meant book reports and usually boring stories. Now that you're an adult, you're posting up on the beach with the best reads. How else would you spend your relaxing afternoon?

Some of my favorite summertime books are easy to get through, give me a good laugh, or help me do a little soul-searching while laying in the sun. Amy Poehler's Yes Please, The Vacationers by Emma Straub, and Note to Self by Connor Franta have all had me hooked and continue to be my most recommended.

You're Oh-So-Outdoorsy

Being so in love with summer means that you get outside every opportunity you can get. During this time of the year, days are longer and life is just seemingly a little sweeter. You're ready to have an adventure with your crew at any moment, or do a wild excursion that's been on your bucket list for far too long.

Maybe you like hiking, or continue to surround yourself with water in a kayak. There's rock climbing, and cliff jumping, too. The best part about the beach is that it makes you feel free. And when you're young, you want nothing more than to make the most of every day.

... And You Love Being On A Boat

You could pick up a paddle and know exactly what you're doing, or at least enjoying being on a boat, even if someone else is in charge of the steering. Truth is, it means that you get to surround yourself with even more of the ocean -- and once again, you can't get enough.

While you're out there, you might jump in the water just to cool off a bit. Snorkeling is always an adventure, and the only way you can get that far out is by boat.

Honestly, you always sort of feel like Moana, being so in love with the beach. You're not the only one who would choose surf over turf, and you share these things in common with a very passionate beach crowd.