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The Most Complex Signs In The Zodiac Have Every Reason To Be & Here's Why

by Valerie Mesa
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It doesn't matter how friendly and outgoing someone is or portrays themself to be, because everyone has a little bit of darkness lurking in the shadows. Despite being difficult to read, the most complex zodiac signs — Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — are actually really sensitive at heart. True, water signs are known to be more emotionally receptive than anything else, but this is precisely what makes the element water so mystically complex.

There are a number of different intricacies stemming from each zodiac archetype. The zodiac wheel is the epitome of mysterious, let alone universal. Along with its modality (cardinal, fixed, and mutable), each sign expresses itself according to its ruling element (fire, earth, air, and water). Here's why water signs are the most emotionally complex of them all:

Cancer: You're Hypersensitive And Your Mood Constantly Changes

Governed by the moon's many moods, you're known for experiencing a a series of emotional highs and lows, but the truth is, you really can't help it, Cancer. You're the first water sign in the zodiac, which means you embody the element water in its most basic form. It isn't easy to set emotional boundaries, let alone tame the effects of your elusive planetary ruler, the moon. Sometimes people think what you're going through is just a phase, and it probably is sometimes, but the amount of empathy you have in your heart is pretty surreal. So much so, a lot of Cancers are born with clairvoyant abilities and eventually learn how to tap into them as they get older.


Scorpio: You Can't Help But Keep Your Emotions Buried Deep

You're something else, Scorpio. Just like your deeply probing planetary ruler, Pluto, you're driven by your smoldering desires and insatiable passion. Although, beyond that, you're incredibly eager to uncover what's hidden beneath the surface. You're intrigued by all things taboo and this divine connection to the underworld is precisely what unconsciously forbids you from allowing your soul to intertwine with another, despite this being what you crave the most. It's a constant battle between your emotional longing to merge with another mind, body and soul versus your fiercely protective and potentially venomous guard. Anyone who doubts your empathy should try walking in your shoes.

Pisces: Your Emotions Shape-Shift And Come In Like Waves

Enigmatic is an understatement for your elusive ways, Pisces. If someone ever questions your contradicting personality, tell them the truth: You're everything; you are all that is. You're the last sign in the zodiac and, therefore, your personality is energetically tinted by the 11 signs that came before you. Having access to both the physical and universal realm can be both a blessing and a curse, especially if you haven't learned how to tune in and out. Your zodiac archetype is depicted by the two fish swimming opposite directions from each other; one fish symbolizes your presence in the third dimension, while the other longs for something far beyond space and time. On a brighter note, however, this natural clairvoyance and universal sense of empathy can be incredibly powerful.

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