The Meaning Of "Don't Blame Me" Could Be About Taylor Swift's Battle With The Media

by Jamie LeeLo
Jason Merritt/TERM/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift is trying to end us, you guys. Write it down. Quote me on that. The build up to her Reputation album release has been the most intense thing I've ever experienced, and I lived through Denny's death scene in that 2006 episode of Grey's Anatomy. She recently released the tracklist on her Instagram, and the fourth song is titled "Don't Blame Me." Fans are speculating who and what she might be talking about, and one theory suggests the meaning of "Don't Blame Me" is about her battle with the media.

Whatever that means.

It's no surprise that Swift has regularly and consistently felt misrepresented and misunderstood by the press, and it doesn't take an AP English student to figure out that her album Reputation is, like, alllll about that.

I mean you guys, she metaphorically "kills" her old self. You think that was just for funsies? What are you, stupid?! That was a calculated, well thought-out PR move to manipulate the media and change her literal reputation. Please, keep up.

Perhaps most notably, Swift has been accused of playing the "ultimate victim" thanks to her ongoing intense feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Little did we know, way back in 2009 when West "let her finish" after grabbing the microphone from her during her acceptance speech at the Video Music Awards that it would prove to be pivotal moment in both of their careers.

Later, when West released his song "Famous" with the, well, famous line "I made that b*tch famous," Swift lashed out at the offensive line.

If you remember, LOL, this prompted Kim to release the smoking gun video of her husband and Swift discussing the "Famous" song lyrics prior to it's release. Kim then followed this up with a series of snake emojis on her Twitter.

AFTER ALL OF THAT, Swift was like, "I would very much like to be removed from this narrative..." and then someone made a memorial shrine to her on a wall... and now here we are... with Swift saying the old Taylor is dead and a new one who loves snakes is born.


If "Don't Blame Me" isn't about any of that then the world as I know it is a lie and I also would very much like to be removed from this narrative.


The song "Don't Blame Me" comes crammed between two other provocative titles on the tracklist called "I Did Something Bad" and "Delicate," both of which are probably designed to make fans hysterical in anticipation of the album drop.

You've got to admit, the PR build up to Nov. 10 as been masterful, with Swift slowly oozing out compelling graphics, cinematic music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and some weird AT&T promotions to compliment it.

Tomorrow night on Nov. 9, we even get a special performance during ABC's TGIT lineup during the show Scandal, for some reason. (I don't know why and I don't ask questions. I just do what Taylor tells me to do.)

Fans are praying the full album will drop on Spotify at midnight, but some streaming service execs aren't so sure. The New York Times reports there is speculation over it's availability on steaming platforms, but I don't like to alarm the fans without all the facts. They're like a spooked horse and will start kicking and sh*t if anyone makes any sudden movements over this album drop.

For now, I recommend everyone get plenty of rest and water, as come Friday Nov. 10 our lives may be changed forever.

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