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The Emotional Meaning Behind December's Full Moon Is All About Safety

by Valerie Mesa

Seeds planted during the new moon phase come to fruition during the full moon phase, so take a moment to think back to July of this year. Where were you, mentally and spiritually? What were you aspiring toward? The emotional meaning of the December 2020 full moon has everything to do with your definition of security, along with what you're ready to let go of, now that the year is coming to a close.

Happening on Dec. 29 at exactly 10:28 p.m. EST in the sentimental sign of Cancer, this lunation is here to help you create more stability in your life, while encouraging you to let go of past emotional issues that weighed you down. Remember, the full moon phase is a symbol of completion, clarity, and closure. As the moon reaches its peak of fullness, desires, motivations, and hidden truths come to light.

The moon is symbolic of one's inner world, shadow self, and internal reality, which is precisely why the emotional body is so easily triggered during the full moon phase. During this lunar phase, the moon is sitting directly across the sun — a symbol of the ego, physical identity, and soul path — automatically putting a spotlight on one's reality and progress, both individually and collectively.

More importantly — and this is especially significant when exploring the unique differences between the sun and the moon — the full moon phase is, essentially, a call for balance and action. The sun is a representation of the sacred masculine, while the moon represents the divine feminine. Keeping this in mind, this is an opportunity for you to reflect on the ways you can integrate everything that's currently taking place within you (your inner world and experiences) with your current reality in the physical dimension. Once you do the shadow work, the full moon will be sure to speak for itself.

For more context, check which of the 12 astrological houses belong to Cancer-Capricorn in your birth chart. Think back to the new moon in Cancer that took place in July of this year as well, because this will be the culmination to this particular lunar cycle. Also, given that the sun is transiting through Saturn-ruled Capricorn, while sitting directly across from the moon in Cancer, the essence of Saturn's recent shift into Aquarius will be especially significant during this time.


The Emotional Meaning Of The December 2020 Full Moon In Cancer: Dec. 29 at 10:28 p.m. EST

The Cancer-Capricorn axis, however, revolves around everything from dependency to the things that make you self-sufficient. These astrological energies are quite similar to the parent versus child dynamic, given that Capricorn is typically stern with its delivery, while Cancer expresses itself emotionally. Cancer is symbolic of your inner world and emotional foundation, while Capricorn is the structure that holds it all together. If you're someone who believes the best things in life are free, Capricorn season is where you're often reminded that you'll still need a solid foundation to be emotionally fulfilled.

The act of setting boundaries is unavoidable. Maternal Cancer is governed by the moon's nurturing essence, as this ever-glowing luminary is a heavenly portal between the conscious and unconscious. Cancer's cardinal waters will evoke the mother that already lives within you, so don't forget to follow your instincts and your inner voice during this time. Astrologically, however, there will be a series of pivotal aspects to consider, starting with the essence of Saturn conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. In this fixed air sign, both of these generational planets will encourage social justice and collective consciousness.

A challenging T-Square between the moon in Cancer, Chiron in Aries, and the sun in Capricorn will challenge the collective to evolve from fears surrounding themes of instability, personally and at a macro level.