The Emotional Meaning Of The July 2020 New Moon Is About Self-Authority

Get Ready, July's New Moon Will Have You Feeling Especially Emotional

by Valerie Mesa

The sun is shining and the weather's scorching, which means the summertime is in full effect. So if you're not hanging by the beach and soaking it all in, make sure you're doing something that's equally as emotionally fulfilling. Right now is an especially prime time to focus on following your heart, thanks in large part to the emotional meaning of the July 2020 new moon. On top of everything going on in your life right now, this lunation will ask you to reflect on your feelings of self-authority.

July means business, especially with Saturn retrograde reentering its sign of rulership, Capricorn, on July 1. And while the retrograde effects from Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune retrograde could easily make you feel as though you're taking more steps backwards than forward, this month marks a great opportunity to reflect on the events taking place in your personal and professional life. Retrograde cycles are notorious for resurfacing past events and relationships, bringing forth the opportunity to reflect, review, and reassess. Ahead of the new moon, Mercury in Cancer is asking you to reflect on your emotional world and perhaps revisit important conversations with family members, while Saturn retrograde focuses on your sense of authority and professional foundations.

Simultaneously, Jupiter retrograde is shedding light on the faith you have in your self-mastery, and Pluto retrograde is bringing you closer to your power. Retrograde cycles don't always have to be negative. On the contrary, they're equivalent to a second chance from the universe, and it's up to you to decide whether or not you'll let this opportunity go to waste.

The new moon is an excellent time for setting intentions, and here's why.

New Moon At 28 Degrees Cancer: July 20, 2020

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This new moon phase marks the beginning of an individual lunar cycle, which is when the moon sits between the Earth and the sun. The moon's lack of visibility from Earth is a representation of the incubation period, when the process of development is just as fragile as it is potent. This particular moon phase happens once every month, when the sun and moon meet at the exact same degree of a particular zodiac sign. This creates a powerful surge of energy, and in moon-ruled Cancer, this new beginning will likely revolve around your home, family, and emotional foundation.

Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune are bringing back the past for review, and this new moon will only intensify that. And because the new moon will be sitting directly opposite to Saturn retrograde — one degree shy of Leo — your new beginning could seem challenging at first. Don't lose hope if things don't go as planned right away. Instead, continue to focus on themes revolving around your stability and sense of authority in the world. How can you upgrade personally and professionally?

Going inward and reflecting on your emotional wellbeing while focusing on all things domestic will be the foundation of this new moon for you, but there's still more work to do elsewhere. Serious Saturn is in the process of dismantling previously set structures in your life that no longer serve you, so it's important to reflect on your personal and professional foundations. Are you holding onto something long-lasting and stable? Do you have a healthy work/ life balance? Is your current profession interfering with your personal life?

Reflecting on your personal and professional evolution will be top of mind throughout this lunation, but make sure you're also prioritizing your sense of nurture, especially before Cancer season comes to an end. Let Mercury retrograde in Cancer be your guide.