Shawn Mendes' Song Lyrics About Love Are Absolutely Swoon-Worthy

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If there's any artist today that has the whole sexy-but-sweet thing totally down, it's Shawn Mendes. It's so easy to love him when he comes off as such a sweetheart, cares deeply about activism (see: his music video for "Youth" with Khalid), and is so vocal about the importance of mental health. (He's opened up about his anxiety in interviews, as well as on "In My Blood.") But it's just as easy to recognize he's a certified heartthrob, especially when some of his tracks are so sexy. When it comes to Shawn Mendes song lyrics about love — both the sweet and spicy aspects — it's no surprise the Canadian singer-songwriter has more than a few good bops.

For example, Mendes straight-up tells his crush that she should be with him on "Treat You Better," singing, "I know I can treat you better than he can / And any girl like you deserves a gentleman." More on the cute side, "Nervous" is literally just about being nervous when you're in the same room as your crush: "All you did was look my way / And my heart started to race / And my hands started to shake." And then, Mendes has songs like "Particular Taste," where he sings about being attracted to "bad" girls (possibly with a kinky side): "She'll take your name and number / Then she'll hit erase and walk away / But ooh, she's so specific when she's at my place."

Mendes' songs contain as many multitudes as love itself. Here are five more solid Mendes lyrics about sex and romance that'll put butterflies in your belly and send a tingle down your spine.

"Fallin' All In You"

There is so much to swoon about in this gentle, R&B-tinged guitar ballad. Mendes paints the picture of a tender romance that blossomed from a one-night stand (a love that was "only ever meant to be for one night"). But more than appealing to your inner hopeless romantic, Mendes gets punny and portrays the perfect autumn romance.

He brings the seasonal wordplay full circle, singing:

So close with you on my lips / Touch noses, feeling your breath / Push your heart and pull away, yeah / Be my summer in a winter day, love

This song gets extra lovey-dovey points because Mendes co-wrote it with Ed Sheeran, and you can just tell. From the first strum, your subconscious just gets in the mood for love.

"If I Can't Have You"

Mendes lays it out straight for his lover in this glam, dance-y track. It starts with Mendes being lovelorn in Toronto — basically this Canadian heartthrob's brand — and gets super relatable. Mendes confesses:

I'm so sorry that my timing's off / But I can't move on if we're still gonna talk / Is it wrong for me to not want half?/ I want all of you, all the strings attached

Whether you're dating long-distance or in a situationship with someone just a neighborhood (or residence hall) away, "If I Can't Have You" nails how it feels to want more than you have with the person you're craving.


Interrupting this heartfelt love fest is the sexiest song of summer 2019, courtesy of Mendes' reported romance with Camila Cabello. In the bop, Mendes and Cabello sing about about a sultry hookup that's been a long time coming. Mendes leads, singing about a sweat-drenched summer in Miami:

Sapphire moonlight / We danced for hours in the sand / Tequila Sunrise / Her body fit right in my hands, la-la-la/ It felt like ooh-la-la-la, yeah

And then Cabello goes in for the sexy kill, singing:

Locked in the hotel / There's just some things that never change / You say, 'We're just friends' / But friends don't know the way you taste

Apart from a sizzling video, Mendes and Cabello also brought the heat with their 2019 VMAs performance of "Señorita", and again in September when Cabello made a surprise appearance at Mendes' Toronto concert.

"There's Nothing Holding Me Back"

An OG Mendes bop, "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" embodies a whirlwind romance. It's fast-paced and frenetic, and as edgy as the lover Mendes is singing about. The best little nugget is this humorous line:

She says that she's never afraid / Just picture everybody naked / She really doesn't like to wait / Not really into hesitation / Pulls me in enough to keep me guessing / And maybe I should stop and start confessing, confessing, yeah

It's always refreshing (and attractive) to hear guys sing about embracing women who take charge and throw caution to the winds. And this song is no exception!

"Lost In Japan"

"Lost in Japan" is a God-tier Mendes song. You can't help but snap your fingers or pop your hip. It's gentle but catchy, and as romantic as it gets: A crush you can't ignore, a dreamy spur-of-the-moment trip to Japan, and Shawn Mendes asking if he can sweep you off your feet.

The juiciest part of the song comes when Mendes quietly points out the chemistry between him and his crush:

I could feel the tension / We could cut it with a knife / I know it's more than just a friendship / I can hear you think I'm right, yeah/ Do I gotta convince you / That you shouldn't fall asleep? / It'll only be a couple hours / And I'm about to leave

It makes me want to say, "Sis, what are you waiting for? The man's about to go to Japan!" Whether you and your crush scoot off to Japan, or a few states over for a baecation, "Lost in Japan" captures the thrill that travel and a new lover can bring.

Whether you're in the mood for something wholesome, sexy, or a little bit of both, Shawn Mendes has probably written a guitar-heaven, R&B-flavored pop anthem about it. Honestly, thank goodness.

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