10 Happy Love Songs That Make For The Ultimate Summer Dating Playlist
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As a quintessential Libra (aka hopeless romantic), I can honestly make the case for falling in love in any season. But there's something special about relationships or even flings born at summer camps, in the trenches of an internship, on a breezy rooftop, on the beach, or poolside. And of course, each year brings a fresh round of happy love songs for summer, serving as a backdrop for sun-kissed romance. Regardless of genre, these hand-clapping, finger-snapping songs capture all the exhilarating feels that come with dating in summer.

These are the bops about flirty exchanges at the bar or with co-workers, that gently tug you out of "just friends" territory. These are ones where you can't stop thinking about your crush and what they're up to. And whether you're finally going to invite them over, because the longing is palpable. These are the slow songs about the anticipation for what comes after this excellent date — and a smooth second date, and a triumphant third one. And finally, these are the songs about that effortless peace that comes when you're hanging with the right person.

Maybe you're fresh off a breakup and on the rebound, hooking up and seeing where it goes, or fully prepared to open your heart to a romantic partnership. Whatever the case, here is a soundtrack for a season of hot, dreamy romance.

"Señorita" By Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes' "Señorita" is the kind of song where, after listening, you should probably get yourself an iced coffee or stand in front of the AC. The Miami romance, with "sapphire moonlight" and tequila sunrises, is cute. But the rest of the lyrics to "Señorita" — "You say we're just friends / But friends don't know the way you taste" — are pretty hot.

And the video is equally so: lingering touches, steamy makeout sessions, and sensual grinding courtesy of Mendes and Cabello.

"Paris in the Rain" By Lauv

Let's start with something tender, shall we? In this soft electro-ballad, Lauv croons about how anywhere can feel like Paris in the rain when he's with his lover. And when he's serving James Dean energy the way he is in the video? It's hard not to feel romanced.

"Paris in the Rain" is from Lauv's 2018 album — well, technically, playlist — i met you when i was 18. When discussing the origins of the song, Lauv told Billboard:

Midnight in Paris is one of my favorite movies — I love sappy-a** movies. The first time I watched it, I was like, ‘Yo, I’m gonna write a song inspired by this movie.’ And then the second time I watched the movie, that’s when I got the concept of how I was going to write it. I picked up the guitar and wrote the song.

After listening to the song, it's safe to say Lauv pulled on heart strings effectively.

"All the Time" By Zara Larsson

Picture this: It's a beautiful, reckless summer in NYC and you heard your old crush is back in town. What are you doing? In "All the Time," Zara Larsson paints a picture of all the things she'd do to hers.

Even if you're not in NYC (or as bold), the song's main refrain is relatable. Larsson sings: "I don't know why, I don't know why you're dancing in my mind / From the breaking of the day to the middle of the night." Big summer crushing mood.

"Bouncin'" By Kiana Ledé & Offset

And if you are bold, the flirty lyrics of "Bouncin'" by Kiana Ledé's are probably just your speed: "Bounce, then, I'll take you to my house and / I'll show you all around it / Yeah, we could keep it bouncin.'"

If you're about the casual dating life this summer, the lyrics can be literal and metaphorical. Once summer ends, you can keep it bouncing on to your next hookup or school crush, and close the chapter on your summer fling.

"Açaí Bowl" By Dominic Fike

I'm not quite sure why Dominic Fike called it "Açaí Bowl," unless it's just to set the scene in L.A. But whatever the reason, this bop that Fike dropped in June 2019 is big on the romance. There's two bottles of red wine, reservations at lush restaurants, lingerie, Prada shoes, and traveling the world with someone you love. It's a soft song with a trap beat and violins. What a vibe.

"Sanctuary" By Joji

"Sanctuary," which also came out in June 2019, is Joji's follow-up to his debut album Ballads 1. Even though the video is goofy Star Trek-esque narrative, the song delivers the feels.

Joji sings: "If you’ve been waitin' for fallin' in love/ Babe, you don’t have to wait on me. / 'Cause I've been aimin' for Heaven above, / But an angel ain't what I need." Literally, what more would you rather hear from a summer crush?

"Waves" By Normani & 6LACK

In "Waves," Normani leads with being grateful for her friends and the club to get her mind off things. But as much as she doesn't want to be in love, the "waves" of feelings for her crush are too powerful to ignore — at the club and even when she's with other people.

If you're trying to focus on casual sex and hookups, but your mind keeps daydreaming about a certain someone in particular? 6LACK and Normani put out "Waves" for you. The video is also a delight: dark and sexy looks, Doctor Strange-inspired visuals, and proof yet again that Normani is an impeccable dancer.

"Dream Glow" By BTS & Charli XCX

Not only is "Dream Glow" Charli XCX's collaboration with BTS for their upcoming video game soundtrack. It's also a fun EDM song about being in awe and following your passions with someone by your side. If you're really vibing with your crush this summer, this song is an apt addition to your summer love rotation.

"One Thought Away" By Asher Angel & Wiz Khalifa

Asher Angel came in hot with the vintage Justin Bieber aesthetic this past April when he put out "One Thought Away" featuring Wiz Khalifa. It's not just the acoustic guitar with soulful vocals and R&B flavor. It's the white tee, beanie, and confessing your feelings via note written in Sharpie.

Wiz Khalifa's verses about beach trips and spending the night at his lover's house gives a summer fling. And ultimately, it's a sweet song about your crush being just one thought away — just one text or call and you'll be there.

"Chase the Summer" By Chantal Jeffries Ft. Jeremih

DJ and Instagram queen Chantal Jeffries saved summer with her Jeremih collaboration, which dropped in June 2019. In "Chase the Summer," Jeremih summarizes the excitement of a summer fling, especially one on vacation, perfectly: "Baby, you the one, I could never want two / If you run away, it's a rendezvous."

If the song literally name-dropping the season doesn't make it perfect for your summer love playlist, let the Champagne-popping with Jeffries' girl squad, water gun fights, palm trees, and music festival imagery convince you.

"Late Night Feelings" By Mark Ronson Ft. Lykke Li

In April 2019, Mark Ronson and Lykke Li came out with the sultriest ode to 3 a.m. horny thoughts about your crush. Nothing more, nothing less. In the chorus "Late Night Feelings," Lykke Li sings, "When I get too on ya / And I wanna call ya / With late night feelings." If you're feeling flirty and want to tell your crush something more tactful than "u up?", send this instead.

"Mine" By Bazzi

Bazzi is the reigning king of relaxed, sexy songs. And his January 2019 release, "Mine," is no exception. One moment, he's singing about his lover's "precious" smile and proposing marriage. The next, he's talking about doggy style and singing about "hands on your body, I don't wanna waste no time / Feels like forever even if forever's tonight." This song captures the essence of that passionate summer fling that you could really see going somewhere.

"Every Single Time" By The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers sample a little bit of everything pop on June 2019's Happiness Begins, their first album since 2013. The JoBros turn to reggae (and low-key, Maroon 5) for inspiration in "Every Single Time." The song is a stand-out about how you keep coming back to your crush, well, every single time.

And so, if you're happy that you've got someone to add a little extra heat to your summer, embrace it. Sing about it, and dance, too.

Listen to these summer love songs and a few extras here:

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