This Creative Couple Made A "Winter Punderland" & Literally Just Won The Holidays

by Candice Jalili

What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta. Want to hear a joke about paper? Nevermind, it's tearable. Ha! Get it? Because paper TEARS. Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged. So funny, because, like, coffee mugs and getting mugged! If you're also crying laughing at all of these HILARIOUSLY punny jokes — and you're a sucker for the holidays — you have come to the right place. Kyle & Cori Gunderson's "Winter Punderland" is pretty much a place where pun-loving people who are all about the Christmas spirit find Heaven on Earth.

While I'm already pretty impressed by anyone who goes all out with their Christmas decorations, The Gundersons (or should I say, the PUNdersons?) took their decorations to the next level by literally creating their very own pun-themed Winter Wonderland. Before I show you the EPIC video tour below, let me provide you with some of my favorite highlights.

First and foremost, they have the alphabet hanging above their garage... but there's just one pesky little letter missing: an L. Get it? There's no L because it's Noel! Kyle tells Elite Daily via email that he actually had to give props to his dad for that one: "My father actually came up with the idea for 'No L' a few years ago." He also noted that puns are a passion he shares with most of the men in his family. "He and I have always been huge on puns — as has my grandfather who passed away on Christmas Eve five years ago," he says.

He finally decided to do the "no L" pun this year, but he wanted to kick things up a notch. "One thing led to another, and it came down to getting Cori’s permission to have a bunch of shenanigans all over the place during the most wonderful time of the year," he explains. Cori agreed, and so the best Christmas decorations ever created were put into play.

Aside from "no L," the couple incorporated a ton of other puns into their Christmas decor, like their punny ornaments. You see, in lieu of regular ornaments on their Christmas tree, they have spices hanging as they hold little signs that say "hello," "hey," and "hi." Why, you ask? Because they're SEASONS GREETINGS, DUH.

In the video, as we make our way through the Winter Punderland, Cori walks down a path lined with candy, which has pictures of Michael Kain hanging from them... making them candy Kains. To the right of the candy Kains, Cori points out two silver dolls dressed as Tinker Bell and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. They're silver bells!

On the other side of the candy canes, the couple also has three garden hoes lined up against three mini Christmas trees... because HOE HOE HOE. To the right of the front door, she points out a knight figurine holding its index finger over its mouth, making him a SILENT KNIGHT! Oh man, these are great.

In place of a regular door mat, they have a Christmas-themed mat with a picture of Matt Damon on it, making it literally a Christmas Matt. And finally, they have a Christmas tree with a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson creeping behind it — you know, just ROCKIN' AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE.

Check out the full tour for yourself below:

The video rocks, right? It's like an episode of MTV'S Cribs, but better because puns and Christmas are involved.

But I must say, my favorite thing about this video has got to be the couple who decided to do this. "I feel not many women would allow such a thing, but Cori saw how excited I was and agreed to all the silliness (I truly found the perfect woman)," Kyle says. "She even helped me design and decorate (creating the Seasons Greetings and custom Christmas Matt)."

Putting together this amazing experience was no easy feat, either. "We started early November, and finished around the 10th of Dec.," he says. "It took significantly longer than expected, but it was well worth it." As if this couldn't get any cuter, Kyle also notes that "a very special moment" in the process was when his dad — the one who helped him think of "no L" — came over to help him put up the "no L" decoration.

"Since being a little kid, he and I would be in the yard for hours putting up lights, so it was a very punderful moment for us," he says.

OK, so this story is officially both hilarious and adorable. Double whammy.

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