8 Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree If You Love Wine

When you drink wine, everyday is basically Christmas. That liquid magic is one of the greatest gifts you can enjoy year-round, but it can also be incorporated in the actual Christmas holiday if you're a true wine lover. There are many of us out there who are probably already thinking of how to decorate a Christmas tree if you love wine, and it's time to put that creativity to work. You're probably involuntarily stocking up on one of the most resourceful accessories as we speak — corks.

The sound of a cork popping from a bottle is music to any wine lover's ears, and now, that very thing can be used when we are decorating our Christmas trees. Wine lovers don't technically get a holiday dedicated to just wine, so they've got to make the most of what they can get. Yes, picking out the table wine for holiday functions is a notable role, but now it's time to really intertwine your love for wine and the holiday spirit.

The same way wine pairs well with certain foods, it also does wonders for any holiday. Christmas specifically will make great use of all of the contents that go into creating a miraculous bottle of wine. As much as wine alone is inspiration enough to jump right into a DIY project, sip from your festive glass, and take notes on how to put the "win" in wine while decorating for Christmas this year.

Mini Cork-mas Trees
BluHouseBoutique on Twitter

These little Christmas trees made out of corks seem simple enough to make, and will be a great addition to your Christmas tree. Corks are so resourceful, and you no longer have to feel bad about tossing them out after you popped open a fresh bottle of wine.

Wine while doing arts and crafts? That'll surely be a little slice of heaven. We're here for it.

Cute Corks With Acorn Caps
You Can Do It Craft on YouTube

Awe, those little hats are just way too adorable. This is a major DIY project, because you can literally wander to the park to find the best acorns fit for the job. If you're truly a wine lover, you've got the cork stock in the bag.

Does Mother Nature make life-sized acorn hats? They would go so perfectly with our ugly Christmas sweaters.

Cork Angel Christmas Tree Ornament
Quinta Essentia on YouTube

Place this baby at the top of your Christmas tree, and #bless it with this cork angel. Since wine is so heavenly, it's only necessary that the cork be assembled into a design as angelic as this one. Seriously though, wine is life, and the tastes can genuinely make you feel like you just grew wings.

Reindeer Wine Corks
Simplemost on YouTube

Even if you have those corks that are stained with red, they would be perfect for this craft idea. Get it? Rudolph would actually have a red nose.

OK, all jokes aside, wine lovers can't help but swoon at the idea of these cute little guys hanging from the tree. I mean, we did provide the corks that made them who they are. So, they're sort of like our wine babies.

Full On Wine Bottle Tree
Jasmine Ingram on Twitter

Drop everything and get ready to be mesmerized by this tasteful ensemble. Forget the small crafts to decorate your tree with, and make the entire thing a shrine to your love for wine. Wine bottle Christmas trees are seriously a thing. It seems like a lot, but think about how many wine bottles you throw out after a party, and you'll see that your tree could be made in no time.

Mini Cork Angels With Sheet Music Wings
Ange on Twitter

If you have a knack for detail, you'll notice that the music sheets as wings is such a graceful touch to this cork angel. As if wine isn't already a pinkies up affair, these angels are about to make your tree look fancy AF. Wine is basically the gateway to elaborate living, even if the bottle doesn't cost you a fortune.

Corks, Beads, And Ribbons... Oh My
Hallmark Gold Crown Stores on YouTube

Corks, beads, ribbons, and wire are all you really need to create this type of ornament. Create yards and yards of cork-y Christmas decor with just a few small purchases. These gems would also look cute hung over a mantle or spread across the canopy of your bed set. This way, every room gets a taste of the festivities, one cork at a time.

Cork Meets Christmas Ball
🔱 Michaela Peter 🔱 on Twitter

Pairing corks with small Christmas ball ornaments is beyond adorable. What a unique combo, amiright? Those usually turn out to be the best pairings. These little guys won't take too much time to hitch together, and will be super easy to store. Place them all over and let the whole house get a taste of the Christmas and wine compilation.

Wine lovers appreciate wine all year round and are always looking for a reason to pop open a bottle and try new brands. That same curiosity will have us decorating and celebrating Christmas in a wine-derful way.