What A Girls' Date Would Be Like If These 9 Disney Princesses Were Part Of Your Crew

Growing up watching Disney movies as a young girl was not only super nostalgic, but it also made us extremely curious about what these princesses would actually be like if they exited these films and became our best friends. I mean, who wouldn't want that? If you were friends with a Disney princess, a girls' day would be different depending on which princess you were chilling with, because each of them has their own spunk, wit, and other endearing qualities.

Despite the fact that we would do absolutely anything to raid their closets, these Disney princesses also sprinkled us with some wisdom and advice from fragments of their own lives. Doesn't sound any different from the relationship you have with your close girl friends, huh? Aside from leaving us with life lessons, one glass slipper at a time, each princess's personality vibrantly infused our VHS's and inspired our "be my friend" senses in the process.

So, since Disney is the world of imagination and unlimited wonder, it's not hard for us to envision what each of these gems would be like in our girl pack (let alone on a one-on-one girls' date). The possibilities are endless, but if you managed to score an outing with any of these fabulous ladies, the girls' date would most likely unfold in a few different ways.

Bookstore Browsing With Belle

Oh, Belle. Who could forget the biggest bookworm of all of the Disney princesses? Camping out in your local Barnes & Noble is right up her alley. Don't expect to stay in just one bookstore, though. Just like thrift store shopping, Belle would most likely want to explore every literary corner your town or city has to offer until no page is left unturned. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are also probably a crucial part of the adventure.

Roller Coasters With Princess Jasmine

Jasmine likes to take risks. Whether it was sneaking out or adventurously going for a spin on Aladdin's magic carpet, we know the girl is down for some spontaneous fun. An amusement park with high roller coasters is where the two of you would flourish the most. She owned a huge tiger, so being afraid of anything else is almost silly, but we are here for that YOLO attitude.

Night Hiking With Pocahontas

Pocahontas brilliantly and beautifully trotted around her own land and was super in tune with Mother Nature as a whole. Not only would she be the best hiking buddy, but you'd get a better sense of "all the riches all around you," and really appreciate the scenic and effortless beauties of the earth. No matter where you're trekking too, you'd be in amazingly good hands.

A Concert Or Festival With Ariel

Ariel knows that as easily as you can sing your heart out, it can be taken away in an instant, so she is incredibly appreciative of live entertainment. So, even if you somehow get to see one of the greats like Celine Dion, or hit up an open mic downtown, she's all ears. Who knows, she might even break out her flawless pipes as well. That girl can sing.

Ice Skating With Elsa

OK, if you want to get technical, Elsa is Queen of Arendelle, so you can't really call her a princess, but my heart would be too sore leaving her out of this list. Cold is her go-to temperature, so ice skating would be more than fun with her. Maybe we can't shoot ice from our fingers, but having a good time ice skating and sipping on hot chocolate can be our superpower.

Rock Climbing With Mulan

Mulan was unbelievably determined and athletic when she put her mind to it. Those types of qualities are perfect for when you're dangling 10 feet above the ground on a rock wall. Mulan's no stranger to making it to the top, and as her friend, you're gonna have to get a taste of the top with her. If you're a stranger to pushing yourself, she will do it for you.

Shoe Shopping With Cinderella

Cinderella is one our favorite from rags to riches stories, and we are here for her come up. Most importantly, though, the girl can rock some shoes. Forget walking on eggshells, this lady walked on glass, so any shoe advice from her is practically golden as you try some on for size.

Volunteering At An Animal Shelter With Snow White

Hey, a girls' day can definitely include something that's selfless and rewarding. Because Snow White has a soft spot and a magical way with animals, frequenting an animal shelter and volunteering your time would totally be her girls' date with you. Animals are amazing, and it's even better when you can say you actually helped some underprivileged ones... with a Disney princess.

Food And Wine Pairing With Tiana

Even though Tiana was a frog for the majority of her movie, her cooking skills were extremely relevant. Snagging a Groupon for a wine and food pairing event would totally be her thing. She'll offer her expertise and enlighten you on why the pairings actually taste good together. Food, wine, and good company — could things get any more perfect?

The reason we love the Disney princesses so much is because they embody genuine qualities we want to emulate as well. We thank Disney for introducing them to our lives, but the child in us will always want to actually befriend them.