Tristan Thompson is single in 2020

How Tristan Thompson Is "Fighting" To Win His Ex Back

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Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian may be in an "isolationship," but I'm sorry to report they're not in a relationship — at least, as far as I know. According to Us Weekly, the exes and co-parents are reportedly in quarantine together along with their daughter, True, but it's apparently platonic. And though it doesn't seem as though either of them is seeing anyone else, KoKo continues to dispel rumors that they're back together. It appears Tristan Thompson is single as a Pringle at the moment. He's also single-minded in his current mission: getting his ex-boo to take him back.

As you might recall, the couple first got together in Sept. 2016, and just over a year later, Us Weekly reported that they were expecting their first child together. Unfortunately, right around the time True was born in April 2018, cheating rumors began to plague their relationship. The final straw was in Feb. 2019, when reports surfaced about a kiss shared between the Cleveland Cavaliers player and Kylie Jenner's ex-BFF, Jordyn Woods. And while they've proven that exes can still be awesome co-parents, Kardashian has made it clear she's not interested in reconciliation — but that's not stopping Thompson from shooting his shot... repeatedly.

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Both Kardashian and Thompson have reportedly remained single ever since their Feb. 2019 split, though Thompson has apparently been courting his ex (without any luck) since at least Oct. 2019. In October, a source told Radar Online, "Tristan does all sorts of flirty things, like sending Khloé flowers and little gifts, all trying to convince her to give him another chance." Thompson even surprised Kardashian with a diamond necklace and a massive pink diamond ring for her 35th birthday, telling her it was a promise ring. Totally #casual. And let's not forget all of the thirsty comments he's left on KoKo's IG pics.

Most recently, a source for Us Weekly reported that Thompson "is fighting to make their relationship work more than ever right now," though that relationship doesn't seem to be romantic. "Khloé is enjoying spending time as a family and being all together right now," the source explained, "but she's not completely open to letting Tristan back in her life in a romantic way right now." Hmm... if she's not completely open, does that mean she's a little bit open?

But he's not just concentrating on his flirting. Thompson has also been trying to win back Kardashian's heart by proving his commitment to True. It appears she has recognized his efforts, even if she's not ready for more. "Right now, the most I can handle is a co-parenting relationship... Tristan wants more than that," she said in a Dec. 2019, episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. "There's really nothing romantic between Tristan and I. ... We're slowly moving into the right direction of being friends as well as excellent co-parents."

Whether Kardashian will ever be open to giving their relationship another shot is a mystery. However, for the moment, it seems clear to me that Thompson isn't interested in dating anyone else, and IMO, his tenacity is pretty impressive.

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