Is The Pink Moon Really Pink? What You Should Know About Spring In The Sky

Let's live life in pink, OK? It was Audrey Hepburn who believed in such a beautiful color, and now that spring has sprung, we can find traces of it everywhere. The cherry blossoms are blooming, and April showers are bringing all the May flowers (and our allergies, as well). Our surroundings are feeling a bit saturated in the brightest and boldest colors, but that's definitely not a bad thing. On April 29, the Pink Moon will put another hue on our radars in a night sky worthy of all the flowers and sunshine. Of course, you're probably wondering, is the pink moon really pink? As always, science and the stars have all the answers, so here's exactly what to expect.

This year has already been such an unreal time for the universe. The year started with a Super Blue Blood Moon in January, and some of us were feeling like legit astronomers after a experiencing such a lovely lunar eclipse. Our worlds felt a little smaller when we looked up at the planets and put everything on Earth into perspective. Imagine what it'll be like when the moon is pink. It is going to be pink, right?

So far, we've spent so much time stopping to smell the roses, but we should seriously stare up at the night sky this weekend for one of the sweetest parts of spring. Let's get down to the details before looking for all things lunar.

Is the Pink Moon really pink?


Spoiler alert: The pink moon isn't actually pink. Most of us would really love it if the circle in the night sky took on the same color as our favorite crayon ("Tickle Me Pink", duh). But, unfortunately, science doesn't sugarcoat much, and the moon will display its usual bright white hue this weekend.

Since it's a full moon, you will be able to see everything our lovely lunar friend has to offer — assuming that the sky is clear, that is. According to, the Pink Moon will be at its peak around 8:58 P.M. EST. So, if you're viewing the sky from the bright lights of New York City, be sure to look past the skyscrapers and billboards for the real show.

I'm seriously sorry to disappoint, but with spring in full bloom, you won't miss a minute of life feeling pretty and pink. There's just something about the flowers and unlimited amounts of sunshine that puts us all in a better mood, despite what the moon is doing. Stay sweet, keep smelling the roses, and know that any lunar show is never really a let down when spring is in the sky.

What is the Pink Moon?


You've heard of the Blood Moon, and so now you're probably wondering what this Pink Moon really means as well. According, to, the Pink Moon is another name for April's full moon when spring has truly sprung. Sometimes it can be called the Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon, or Hare Moon — all of which sound like they fit pretty perfectly for this season.

You see, the world is blooming again. The full moon for the peak of spring had to reflect the beauty we're bound to see at one point or another. According to, one of the first flowers that sprouts is known as the Wild Ground Phlox, and it covers the ground in North America with the color pink. Therefore, it was decided that the moon that comes out around this time should be called the Pink Moon. Pretty rad, huh? Science comes with a sweet story.

What does the Pink Moon mean for your star sign?


The Pink Moon might sound like the sidekick to a sneaky panther, and we know the stars always have something up their sleeve. So, it's key that we put the science aside for a second and also learn what this moon means for our zodiac signs.

Let's be honest, the planets would never sit out of a party. The new moon in Aries at the beginning of the month inspired us to be go-getters and follow our dreams with every bit of energy. An Aries tends to be incredibly passionate and determined, so it's no wonder the moon had us channeling all kinds of confidence at the start of April.

Now that the month is coming to a close and we're headed into May, the Pink Moon will be in Scorpio's sign. With Saturn and Pluto in retrograde making life feel messy lately, this full moon is bound to bring some much-needed stability. According to, during this time, you'll be making your partner and your family a priority. You'll find you're more patient than ever, and willing to have those long heart-to-heart talks with your best friends. Some days are just too busy to deal with those deep emotions, but with the Pink Moon at its peak, you'll love being a reliable shoulder to cry on.

As a Scorpio myself, this seems pretty accurate. This star sign is constantly looking for a love story, and focuses on long-term friendships on the reg. Soak up all of that positive and protective energy while it's in the universe. You definitely won't be feeling lonely, no matter what your star sign may be.