Harry & Camille's Astrological Compatibility Says So Much About Their Breakup

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Long before Camille Rowe was calling anyone else "baby," the model's year-long relationship with Harry Styles may have been doomed from the start — at least, if the stars are any indication. Harry Styles and Camille Rowe's astrological compatibility reveals that maybe they weren't the most in-sync couple. Born on Jan. 7, 1986, Rowe is a Capricorn. Meanwhile, Styles' birth date, Feb. 1, 1994, makes him an Aquarius.

This particular pairing is noteworthy because these signs are right next to each other in the zodiac, meaning they have strong differences and similarities. Partners who are one sign apart in the calendar can blossom when they learn from the other person's contrasting traits. But when they're not learning from each other, they can get on each others' nerves.

In one sense, it's easy to see why Styles and Rowe were first drawn to each other when they met in July 2017. Both Aquarians and Capricorns are brainiacs and hard-workers. But an Aquarians' work ethic comes from holding fast to what they believe in, while a Cap's drive comes from their desire to be the very best. This points to the bigger truth about Capricorn-Aquarius couples, which is that opposites attract, but not always for long.

Their Temperaments May Have Clashed

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To put their personality differences lightly, a Capricorn will be the person at a party doing snack inventory and demanding guests take off their shoes before stepping into the carpeted living room. An Aquarius will be one who's reading funny political tweets and flirting by complimenting your Myers-Briggs type.

That's to say, where Styles might have been bubbly and eclectic, Rowe might have been cool and reserved. The Aquarius in a Capricorn-Aquarius couple would be the one to get their partner out of their comfort zone a little. And likewise, the Cap would be the one talking their SO out of one-way ticket to Thailand. But after a while, Cap's grounding nature could cramp Aquarius' style. In turn, Aquarius' spontaneity could scare steady Capricorn.

Their World Views May Have Diverged

Caps tend to be conservative — not necessarily on their ballots, but in how they live their life. They're drawn to minimalism, modesty, and decadence, but only in moderation. Compare that to an Aquarius, who is always thinking out of the box and pushing the boundaries of social conventions. They're the floral, rhinestoned, leather jacket against a Capricorn's classic, black blazer. It wouldn't be surprising if Styles' and Rowe's attitudes toward the world are what first intrigued them about each other, and then pushed them apart.

They Were On Probably Different Pages

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Who's to say where Rowe and Styles saw their relationship going? But based on the nature of their signs, they may have had a tug-of-war about their romantic future. A Capricorn's playbook will always be based on security. It wouldn't be unusual for a Cap like Rowe to envision steady dating, then marriage, then her career flourishing, and then possibly kids — in that order — as the roadmap for their life.

Despite being hard-working, Aquarians are laid-back on timelines, which would be hard for an earth sign like Capricorn to wrap their head around. Moreover, much like their air sign sibling Gemini, an Aquarius like Styles would shun traditional romantic commitment. It wouldn't be because they don't love their partner, but probably because they're cool with undefined relationships or just uninterested in monogamy.

Love is love, so even if you tend to butt heads with the person you're dating, it's worth giving your relationship a shot if the feelings are there. But perhaps Cap and Aquarius' arguments and personality conflicts are just ~a sign of the times~ and not necessarily meant to be. Whatever it was that tore Styles and Rowe apart, here's hoping they've moved past it and are carrying on as friends.

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