Donald Trump & Melania's Zodiac Compatibility Reveals A Mars Sign Power Couple

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, there are a few seconds where I forget that Donald Trump is president. Naturally, I reach for my phone to check the news, to scroll through Twitter, and those beautiful, pristine moments of rest come crashing down on me as I remember: Yes, the Trump era was not a bad dream. It's real. It's happening. Then I start thinking about Melania and how, if it feels this bizarre to have him as president, what must it be like to be his wife? This is a question for the ages — one that seriously needs answering. We can scrutinize their public behavior as much as we want, but we'll never understand what they're like behind closed doors. The closest we can get to knowing is by analyzing Donald Trump and Melania's zodiac sign compatibility, and truth is, the stars have a lot to say.

Donald was born on June 14, making him a Gemini and Melania was born on April 26, which makes her a Taurus. Hey, we don't even need astrology to know this is already an odd pairing. Flighty and multi-faceted Gemini, combined with stubborn and headstrong Taurus is usually a tough call. However, because of the intricacies within each individual's birth chart, there's often a lot more to a relationship than just the sun signs. This is why the rising, moon, Venus, and Mars signs also need to be taken into consideration. Venus governs romance, love, and beauty while Mars reigns over our aggressive, sexual, and animalistic tendencies, making these the two most intriguing signs to concentrate on for Donald and Melania. Read on to find out just how this relationship works (or doesn't).

Sun Sign Compatibility

Gemini and Taurus are probably one of the most difficult pairings in the zodiac. How do Trump and Melania do it? Taurus depends on tradition, stability, repetition, and calm to get through life, while Gemini has to tip the scales everywhere they go, since a moment of boredom terrifies them to no end. Based on the drama Trump loves starting on Twitter and the way Melania calculatingly bears it, their signs couldn't more accurately represent them.

The way I see it, Trump is flapping his Gemini wings at every moment, causing a stir. Without Melania's Taurus weight keeping things grounded, there's a chance Donald could float away completely. The challenge they may face in their relationship comes from the differences in values between these two signs. However, the same challenge could also make the relationship quite stimulating, with Gemini infusing some much needed excitement into Taurus's world. Who knows? Maybe Melania enjoys eating the popcorn as she watches sh*t go down with her hubby.

Venus Sign Compatibility

Venus signs say a lot about how someone receives and gives love. Trump's Venus lies in Cancer, while Melania's chart indicates a Venus in Taurus. This pairing is a bit of a wild card, but it has a lot of potential for longevity. This explains why they've consistently been able to last through strange or difficult times.

Cancer is the more intuitive, emotional, and erratic of the two, while Taurus is known for showing their love through dependability and security. Since Cancer is prone to becoming insecure in partnerships, they love the reassurance that Taurus gives them. Both signs are also embedded in family values, with Cancer breathing energy and warmth into the home, while Taurus maintains order, keeping the walls in their home sturdy. Despite how... unusual... this pairing may seem, one thing we can all agree on is how highly they value loyalty amongst their family members.

Mars Sign Compatibility

If you want to understand how a couple fairs during arguments, how they express passion, and what makes them attracted to each other on an animal level, look no further than their Mars signs. Trump's Mars is in Leo while Melania's is in Gemini; this is actually an intriguing combo, one that will rarely allow things to become lukewarm. A Gemini Mars is easily bored, which explains why Melania might enjoy Trump's risk-taking, theatrical, and power-hungry Mars in Leo. In exchange, Gemini can handle uprooting and reinventing their world, adapting to change and creating excitement of their own, which is most certainly attractive to a Leo.

A major downside here is that Trump's Leo will tend to flare up and get irrationally angry when humiliated, in even the smallest ways. This can be incredibly stressful to a Gemini, who tends to harbor a lot of nervous, scattered energy. When a Leo gets like this, there's a huge chance Gemini will want to run far away and hide until the wave passes.