How The Presence Of Venus In Each Zodiac Sign Can Affect Your Love Life

by Sydney DuEst

Venus is the planet of love and money, and it represents how we wish to be loved and how we love other people. Through Venus, we can learn what makes us the happiest.

If you are unsure what your Venus sign is, look at your birth chart here. Looking at Venus in our birth charts can tell us what to expect in relationships.

Venus In Aries

When Venus is in Aries, you are very direct and daring when flirting. You want your partner to know that you are very independent, but possess a childlike charm.

Venus in Aries people want their lovers to be very open and direct and let them take the lead in love. If you ever encounter Venus in Aries, don't be intimidated. These people want to turn you on with their boldness.

Venus In Taurus

When Venus is in Taurus, you look for comfort and security. Taurus is an Earth sign, and when an Earth sign is related to love, you seek stability and some predictability.

Pleasing a Venus in Taurus means assuring these people that you recognize their worth, and you need to give them plenty of time to warm up to the relationship.

Venus In Gemini

When Venus is in Gemini, you want your partner to be able to fulfill your curiosity and affinity for witty conversation. Gemini is a very curious and changing sign, so when it is in Venus, it means you do not want to be tied down.

Venus in Gemini people can be attracted to gossip, and they can be very hard to pin down emotionally. Pleasing a Venus in Gemini means dealing with their changing moods and listening to their ideas.

Venus In Cancer

When Venus is in Cancer, you want to care and nurture your partner. You want your partner to show a willingness to commit, and you want your partner to share his or her feelings with you.

Cancer is a sign that likes to show feelings and emotions more than words. Pleasing a Venus in Cancer means showing them plenty of affection and love, and in return, they will bend over backwards for you.

Venus In Leo

When Venus is in Leo, you are very proud of your lover and want to show him or her off to the world. How your relationship looks to other people matters greatly.

Leo is a sign that requires a lot of attention and loyalty. Venus in Leo people will try to win their partners over by showing off and being affectionate.

Pleasing Venus in Leo people means their partners must proving their loyalty and put up with their high demands. Once their partners have satisfied them, Venus in Leo people will return the love by committing to relationships and loving with big hearts.

Venus In Virgo

When Venus is in Virgo, you want to show your partner you are dedicated and give attention to detail. Virgo is a sign that likes to analyze and break things down.

Virgos show love to their partners by nagging them. This is not meant to be annoying because they want to help their partners.

Venus in Virgo people love to listen to problems and to give others advice. Pleasing Venus in Virgo people means being very practical in the relationship and showing them appreciation for all the little things they do.

Venus In Libra

When Venus is in Libra, the heart is at home. Libra is already ruled by Venus, which means you desire relationships. You want to treat people fairly and seek the middle ground in relationships.

Venus in Libra people want you to treat them kindly and share everything with them. Pleasing a Venus in Libra means maintaining balance in the relationship and fulfilling their needs for intellectual conversation and debate.

Venus In Scorpio

When Venus is in Scorpio, you are very intense and fiercely loyal. You seek out emotional intensity in your relationships. You can be very possessive in love and seek out deep, meaningful relationships.

Scorpio is a very intense and mysterious sign. Pleasing Venus in Scorpio people means letting them open up and giving up something for them.

Venus In Sagittarius

When Venus is in Sagittarius, you want space to grow and expand. Sagittarius is a fire sign that values independence and spontaneity. You don't plan ahead in love.

When Venus is in Sagittarius, these people want to experience new things with their partners. They love to flirt and joke around. Pleasing a Venus in Sagittarius means giving them space, accepting their need to go on rants and experiencing life with them.

Venus In Capricorn

When Venus is in Capricorn, you want your partner to know you are willing to commit and plan ahead in love. You can seem detached and level-headed, but underneath all that, you are a hopeless romantic.

Venus in Capricorn people are always in a position to know what direction they want their relationships to go. Venus in Capricorn people display self-control and a responsible behavior. Pleasing Venus in Capricorn people means showing them appreciation and practicality.

Venus In Aquarius

When Venus is in Aquarius, you want to show off your futuristic mind and rebellious behavior. You have a very open mind and a quirky personality when it comes to love. Aquarius is a very unique and interesting sign, and when it is in Venus, an Aquarius is attracted to unusual people and relationships.

They want to be loved for their intellectual minds and their dreams. Pleasing Venus in Aquarius means giving them a combination of friendship and love and never being judgmental.

Venus In Pisces

When Venus is in Pisces, you want your lover to be romantic, but you also want to feel the relationship out. You are not always looking for commitment, and you often seek out the underdog in relationships.

Pisces is a very dreamy and humanitarian sign, and they want to be shown appreciation and unconditional love. Pleasing Venus in Pisces people means not taking advantage of their willingness to forgive and understanding their changing emotions.