Here's What Donald & Melania Trump's Body Language On New Year's Eve Reveals

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New year, same awkward interactions between our president and first lady. The sly facial expressions or swatting hands is nothing we haven't seen before, but Donald and Melania Trump's body language on New Year's Eve was something else. I spoke with body language experts Susan Constantine and Lillian Glass in an interview for Elite Daily for some insight into what was happening the Mr. & Mrs.

On Dec. 31, President Donald Trump, Melania Trump, and their 11-year-old son Barron hosted a New Year's Eve party at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida (of course). Guest tickets for the event were priced at $750, which included attending a party in the Donald J. Trump Grand Ballroom, a red-carpet entrance, a multi-course meal, and entertainment. However, what managed to receive more attention than the party itself was the first family's seemingly uncomfortable and cold interaction during their arrival on the red carpet.

Body language experts Susan Constantine and Lillian Glass both describe the whole interaction as "disturbing." They are referring to Donald and Melania Trump's entrance, where Melania can be found trailing behind and looking seemingly distant. Once Donald Trump began to address the crowd at the party, Melania stood perpendicular to him, rather than by his side showing support.

Based on their interaction, Constantine says, “If you didn’t already know the two were married, you wouldn’t know they were." Glass describes Melania as "stiff" and says that there was "too much distance with [Donald] and Melania."

Glass points out that this type of body language and interaction seemed inappropriate for the holiday occasion. "It’s kind of disturbing, especially since it’s the holidays. It’s one thing for a state dinner, but we’re talking about a fun, New Year’s Eve party where you are supposed to be more loving," Glass tells Elite Daily.

It's easier to write off their interactions during more diplomatic, business-centered meetings appearances, but their seemingly cold interaction in the midst of a celebratory, holiday party could speak volumes.

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Another observation that Constantine made was Melania's hyperawareness towards the camera angles and how she appeared in them — a possible nod to Melania's modeling days and her inability to shake that sensual, pursed lips look she does so well on camera. Constantine says, "She’s pivoting her body to get the view of the camera. That, to me, is disturbing, because that’s her focus. She’s not a model, she’s the first lady. She’s more focused on her presentation, than she is on supporting her husband.”

While Donald Trump gave a speech wrapping up 2017 and all his accomplishments, Constantine noticed that Melania failed to nod her head in agreement or acknowledgement of anything her husband said.

"I would hope to have seem her smile or shake her head yes. There’s no movement, she’s like a mannequin. She’s not listening to what he’s saying. She’s only conscious of her own self in that scenario, getting the right view for the camera, that’s it," Constantine tells Elite Daily.

All this said, there are any number of reasons as to why Melania Trump's body language seemed so stilted — including something as simple as a discomfort with the massive spotlight now on her and her family. Unfortunately, however, that's just part of the family's new job, and those possible explanations are not going to stop the public from examining their every move. With the positions Donald and Melania Trump are now in, it is worth looking at how the family behaves when they're all together.

Constantine did, however, describe Donald Trump's body language separate from his family as relaxed and comfortable, while Glass noticed that President Trump didn't acknowledge Melania at all.

Barron appears to be equally as uncomfortable as his mother, Melania. Now, it's hard to expect any 11 year old to exude confidence and five-star body language, but in relation to the entire family dynamic, it seems to make sense. Constantine says that "Barron is really not into it. He just goes through the motions, which is what a typical teenager would do.”

It's quite obvious that the first family shows less outward affection than the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her family, but for the sake of optics, they aren't even doing a decent job at faking it.