5 Friends Dixie, Griffin, & Noah Have In Common Who Made Their Love Triangle More Complicated

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Now more than ever, people are turning to TikTok for their daily dose of entertainment. But although millions of people are on the platform, only a handful of creators have reached the celeb status Dixie D'Amelio has. It's not just her content fans love; it's also the drama that surrounds her and her love life. In June 2020, Dixie and TikToker Griffin Johnson confirmed they were a couple after months of speculation, sending fans into a frenzy. However, just a month later, they split amid cheating rumors, and then she moved on with Johnson's fellow Sway House member, Noah Beck. The love triangle seemingly made things complicated for everyone involved, including Dixie D'Amelio, Griffin Johnson, and Noah Beck's mutual friends.

Johnson hasn't directly explained how D'Amelio and Beck's relationship is affecting him, but his debut single, "Convenient," which is about a breakup that happened because of a misunderstanding, is a strong indicator. "She took it out of context/ Now my heart's in the comments," he raps in the chorus, which fans think references the cheating rumors made against him. (More on this later.) After name-dropping Beck with the clever line "You don't think I No-ah," Johnson then raps about his ex moving on with someone else: "You say you love me, but you turned and went ghost. You said you're just friends, but you're wearing his clothes."

D'Amelio, Johnson, and Beck's drama also shook up their inner circle. Some prominent TikTokers picked sides, while others remained friends with all three. You'll be surprised to hear how their feud affected everyone around them.

Chase Hudson

Chase Hudson and Dixie's friendship bloomed when they joined Hype House in December 2019, and they only got closer once Hudson started dating Dixie's sister, Charli D'Amelio, in February 2020. Despite Hudson and Charli calling it quits that April, Dixie stayed in touch with him. Johnson was also on good terms with Hudson, and they even made a few videos together in November 2019.

However, things apparently changed on July 7 (before D'Amelio and Johnson announced their breakup) when Hudson called out Johnson for cheating on Dixie in a since-deleted note on Twitter.

Johnson responded to the accusation with a tweet toward his former friend: "Someone get this kid off the internet," he tweeted about Hudson. (Elite Daily previously reached out to Hudson and Johnson for further comment on the situation, but didn't hear back.)

Dixie also seemed unbothered by the claim at the time, responding, "Ur wild. Stop playing the victim and worry about yourself." Despite Johnson and Dixie denying the cheating rumors, they broke up weeks later, and Hudson and Johnson stopped making appearances on each other's socials.

Hudson and Dixie eventually patched things up. The pair made it clear they've moved on from their drama with Johnson in an Oct. 4 episode of her YouTube talk show. "A lot of things were flying through my brain. Just about everyone on social media was kind of coming for my neck," Hudson recalled about the day he accused Johnson of cheating. "It's better to come clean than to lie. If you just pull up the receipts, you say what has to be said, there's just nothing more to the story."

Since Hudson and Dixie continue to spend time with each other, it's no surprise he's become friends with her new boyfriend as well. Hudson, Beck, Charli, and Dixie have actually been spotted hanging out in Los Angeles several times since September 2020. Fans even speculated Hudson and Charli got back together, and they've been going on double dates with Johnson and Dixie after they were all spotted getting dinner together on Sept. 10.

The four have also made several YouTube videos together. On Oct. 30, Hudson uploaded a video with the stars, calling them his "best friends."

Bryce Hall

Following Johnson's release of "Convenient" on Sept. 20, Dixie appeared to make fun of the track on TikTok, posting private messages from Johnson that seemingly confirmed he cheated.

Much of the internet took Dixie's side, including her former Hype House members. However, Bryce Hall, who's been close with Johnson ever since they both joined Sway House in January 2020, wasn't going to let Johnson's relationship drama get in the way of their friendship.

"Griff f*cked up dix clapped back, move on," he tweeted on Sept. 23. He also called out the Hype House members for sharing their opinions about the drama online and supposedly using Dixie for clicks: "All the hype house members getting involved for clout and acting like they care about the situation should stfu.. fix YOUR disgusting habits that u hide from the internet instead of hyping someone up that u just use for your thumbnails."

Currently, Hall and Johnson continue to post about each other on Instagram and star in each other's YouTube videos, hinting nothing has changed between them after all the drama.

Surprisingly, the same thing can be said for Hall's friendship with Beck and Dixie. On Oct. 25, Hall starred in Beck's YouTube video, "THE NEW TRUTH ABOUT ME," in which he gave Beck a lie detector test and even asked him questions about D'Amelio.

Dixie and Beck also appeared in Hall's Nov. 4 YouTube video to play a steamy game of truth or dare.

Jaden Hossler

Former Sway House member Jaden Hossler has stayed neutral in the situation. On Sept. 9, Johnson shared an Instagram of many of the Sway House members, including Beck, Hossler, Hall, and Josh Richards, with himself hilariously photoshopped in. Johnson making the effort to photoshop himself into the group pic seemingly indicates all the guys from the collective were still hanging out and cool with each other.

Hossler also confirmed where he stands with D'Amelio when he guest-starred on the Dixie D'Amelio Show on Oct. 25. He said hadn't seen Dixie for a long time, so he was happy to reconnect. "I do miss you, Dixie. I don't even know what happened. I think we just started doing other things and stopped talking," Hossler told her.

Thomas Petrou

Thomas Petrou has history with both Dixie and Johnson. Before the couple even confirmed they were together, Petrou accidentally leaked the news to the paparazzi on June 24. When asked if the pair were dating, he responded casually, "Yeah. It's been [official] for a while." Dixie and Johnson weren't angry over the situation. Instead, they made a video with Petrou poking fun at him for his innocent mistake.

After D'Amelio and Johnson went their separate ways, Petrou seemingly stayed loyal to Dixie and Beck. He frequently posts pictures and videos of the two stars. However, he hasn't featured Johnson in any of his recent Instagrams. Petrou has also been absent from Johnson's social media. Considering Petrou was in Hype House with Dixie, it makes sense he's still so close with her.

Addison Rae Easterling

Easterling is one of Dixie's best friends. They met while part of Hype House, and even though they're busy pursuing their own projects now, they still make plans to see each other when they can. For example, Easterling met up with Dixie for Hall's Nov. 4 "Spin The Bottle" video. Beck was also there, and Easterling seemed friendly toward him.

On the other hand, Easterling and Johnson haven't posted about each other on IG since January 2. However, rumor has it she's dating Hall, who is best friends with Johnson, so she's likely cordial with Dixie's ex.

Dixie, Johnson, and Beck's mutual friends were unfortunately caught in the middle of the stars' drama, but thankfully, they all seem to have gotten past it now.

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