Ariana Grande Just Gave A Relationship Status Update For 2019 That's So, So Real

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ariana Grande meant it in "Thank U, Next" when she said she's focusing on loving herself. In a tweet on Jan. 1, Grande made that very clear when fans on Twitter started speculating on who she would date in the new year. Spoiler alert! It's probably going to be no one! Ariana Grande's tweet about her relationship status makes it clear that dating is not on her list of priorities for 2019. She's grateful for her exes, but she's not planning on adding any new ones anytime soon.

The tweet came in response to a couple of tweets from fans. According to Us Weekly, it all started with a tweet that said, “Who Is Ariana Dating NOW?!” Another Twitter user responded saying "spoiler. its [sic] me!" and then Grande threw her own comment into the ring.

"Spoiler for the rest of this year / probably my life: it’s no one," Grande tweeted, setting the record straight. "Please refer back to this tweet for further questions.” Everyone got that? Great.

It's been a tumultuous year for Grande's personal life. She started 2018 still in a relationship with the late Mac Miller, then she started dating Pete Davidson about one month after she and Miller broke up in April. Then, as we all well know, she and Davidson got engaged after just a few weeks of dating.

Mac Miller tragically died on Sept. 7, and Grande and Davidson broke up a short time later in October after only four months together. Safe to say homegirl has been through it. It's no wonder she doesn't want to date for a while.

Just a few days before this tweet, Grande bid a not-so-fond farewell to 2018.

"Farewell 2018, you f*ck," she said in an Instagram post on New Year's Eve. "I hope this new year brings you all much laughter, clarity and healing. Be gentle with yourselves and each other. If we made it thru this last year, we’ll for sure make it thru this one. Thank you for everything."

The photo she posted along with this caption was just one of her, but she did post a tribute to Mac Miller to her Instagram story around the same time before deleting it. In a screenshot snagged by a fan, you can see Mac Miller's hands playing a piano.

She also made it explicitly clear just how much she didn't enjoy 2018 in her Billboard Woman of the Year speech.

"I find it interesting that this has been one of the best years of my career and the worst of my life," she said when accepting the award on Dec. 6. "A lot of people would look at someone in my position right now as an artist that could be at her peak and think, 'She’s really got her sh*t together, she's really on it. She’s got it all.' And I do, but as far as my personal life goes, I really have no idea what the f*ck I’m doing."

"So yeah, it's been a very conflicting one," Grande added. "And I just want to say if you're someone out there who has no idea what this next chapter is going to bring, you’re not alone in that." The next part of her speech makes her New Year's Day tweet make a lot of sense.

"I look forward to hopefully learning to give some of the love and forgiveness that I've given away so frivolously and easily to men in the past to myself, hopefully, this year," she said. "I have everything I've ever dreamt of having, and as of late I've discovered that it's the things I've always had and the people I've always had that still make me the happiest."

It's hard to learn to focus on yourself and giving yourself the love and care you need, but Grande seems committed to doing that in the new year.