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All Of BTS' Jin's Solo Songs Have Messages As Powerful As His Vocals

A big theme in BTS' music is that the guys meeting each other was destined. If they had made just one decision differently at the start of their careers, their lives could have gone in totally different directions. According to Billboard, before joining BTS, Jin was a college student who was pursuing acting. One day while taking the bus, he was scouted by someone from Big Hit Entertainment, and the rest was history. Now, Jin's heavenly vocals are world-famous, and BTS' Jin's solo songs show why he was always born to a star: His vocal stability and range are off the charts.

Whenever fans listen to Jin's voice, they can't help but feel overwhelmed with emotions because his falsetto is so beautiful. In fact, his live performances are so pitch-perfect you'd think it was a recording because he's that amazing. Jin embodies the definition of a powerhouse singer, and BTS' ballads like "Crystal Snow," "Don't Leave Me," and "The Truth Untold" are where Jin's silky voice shines the most.

Thankfully, Jin has a collection of solo songs that show off even more of his vocal prowess and you can find them all below.

October 2016: "Awake"

Wings is one of the group's most defining eras because it saw the guys experimenting with a darker concept. From beginning to end, BTS takes listeners on a journey toward self-discovery, and Jin's "Awake" is right in the middle of it. In the song, Jin feels hesitant to dream big because he's afraid of failing and uses the symbolism of a butterfly's wings to reflect his aspirations of flying high toward success. Jin sings,

Maybe I, I can never fly/ I can’t fly like the flower petals over there or as though I have wings/ Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky/ Still, I want to stretch my hand out/ I want to run, just a bit more

Even so, he continues to "struggle and fight" through his insecurities and lies awake dreaming of the future. Fans feel his emotions with every word sung, especially when he hits those high notes.

August 2018: "Epiphany"

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an "epiphany" is a "sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something." In other words, it's when someone makes a revelation and, in Jin's "Epiphany," that realization has to do with acknowledging his self-worth.

After living for someone else for so long, Jin can't withstand the "storm" inside his heart anymore, so he makes some much-needed changes in his life in order to finally put himself first. He sings,

I’m the one I should love in this world/ Shining me, precious soul of mine/ I finally realized so I love me/ Not so perfect but so beautiful/ I’m the one I should love

Although he's nervous to take on the world alone, he's optimistic about creating a new future. With fans struggling with their own insecurities, "Epiphany" serves as a self-love anthem because it reminds listeners to be more accepting of who they are.

June 2019: "Tonight"

So far, "Tonight" is Jin's only solo project he's released outside of a BTS album. After hearing it, fans appreciated how the song touches on a subject they don't usually hear in music: The fear of losing someone close to you.

In a blog post, Jin explained he wrote the lyrics while thinking of his pet who past away. Knowing the story behind "Tonight" only made each word hold more meaning to fans. In it, he sings,

When I close my eyes/ It feels like the times we've been together will surface/ When I close my eyes/ It feels like I will remember only the happy memories

According to HelloKPop, the song surpassed one million streams just 30 minutes after premiering on SoundCloud in June 2019 — the fastest track to do so at the time.

February 2020: "Moon"

As you can tell by now, each of Jin's solo projects comes with a powerful message. While "Tonight" serves as a tribute to his late pet, "Moon" is dedicated to ARMYs. In the song, Jin considers himself the moon to fans' Earth and they work together to constantly keep each other going.

"You are my Earth/And all I see is you/ The only thing I can do is to gaze at you like this," Jin sings, promising to always be there for fans. "I'll orbit around you/ I'll stay by your side/ I'll be your light/ All for you."

ARMYs feel the same way and that's why they work so hard to help BTS achieve their biggest dreams. That's what happened on Aug. 4, 2020, when "Moon" reached No. 1 on iTunes in over 100 countries, leading Jin to become one of the only artists to ever achieve the feat.

Clearly, Jin's solo songs are powerful in more ways than one. His intimate lyrics move ARMYs to tears, and his strong vocals only touch hearts even more, making Jin a top performer not only to ARMYs, but to the music lovers all over.