These Messages BTS Sent To Jin For His 28th Birthday Will Make You Laugh & Cry

JTBC PLUS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

Jin kicked off his 28th birthday by dropping his surprise solo song "Abyss." Shortly afterward, the rest of BTS began sharing personal messages, throwback videos, and photos of the birthday boy on Twitter. BTS' tweets for Jin's 28th birthday will every ARMY cry and laugh at the same time because they're just as sweet as they are hilarious.

Suga was the first to send Jin a birthday tweet. Since he's the second oldest member of BTS behind Jin, he took the opportunity to make a joke about their ages. "Jjwin! Happy birthday, you’ll be thirty soon but I’ll follow you shortly, too, HBD once again," Suga wrote, according to a fan translation by @BTS_Trans. Fans couldn't get over the little nickname he used for Jin.

Next was RM, who helped bring Jin's solo song "Abyss" to life by contributing to its production, along with the famous Korean composer and producer BUMZU, Big Hit's resident producer Pdogg, and the birthday boy himself. "Happy Birthday Jin hyung and congrats on the release of 'Abyss.' It was an honor for me to be able to add something to it, even if it was just a little part. Let’s be happy," RM tweeted shortly after midnight KST.

J-Hope continued the celebrations, writing, "HBD to our handsome hyung #HAPPYJINDAY #KimSeokjin_ShinesBrighterThan_Gems."

He also shared an adorable video of him and Jin wearing matching ponytails during a concert rehearsal.

Meanwhile, Jimin wrote an obvious fact about Jin and sent him the sweetest wish in the process: "Our hyung is even good at singing. Happy birthday. Here’s wishing you a long life #HappyBdayJinHyung #JIMIN."

Jimin also shared some photos of Jin on TV that were taken at a hilariously awkward angle. "To cap it all off Heart #TheImportanceOf_Angles #JIMIN #HappyBdayJinHyung," Jimin wrote. "I uploaded it and now I’m the one crying from laughter."

Fans loved reading all of the messages, thinking it was the perfect way to honor Jin. Ahead of the tweets, they were also thrilled over the surprise release of "Abyss." Since it was Jin's birthday, they didn't expect to get a present themselves instead. The song is a promise to ARMYs they'll reunite soon, so you can imagine how emotional fans got listening to it for the first time.

Jin definitely got a lot of love from both BTS and ARMY on his 28th birthday.