BTS' Jin waves to fans.

Jin Surprised Fans With A New Song For His Birthday & ARMYs Are EMOTIONAL

THE FACT/ImaZinS/Getty Images

Nothing is better than waking up to a surprise from the BTS boys, and Jin just dropped the best surprise of all: new music. His new song "Abyss" hit the internet in the early morning hours of Dec. 3, just a few hours before the clock struck midnight on Dec. 4 in Korea — his birthday. While the release seemingly came out of nowhere, ARMYs are over the moon. These tweets about BTS' Jin's surprise song "Abyss" are (understandably) emotional.

The song coincided with a heartfelt letter to ARMYs, where he got candid about feeling burnt out recently.

"Hello, this is Jin," he began. "I said this when I did the recent press conference. “I don’t want to share my sad emotions with the fans because I only want to show the positive side. However it’s a different story when it’s interpreted through music. I don’t want to share based on my regular daily activities but I think it’s okay if I can show it through music."

He continued, "Honestly I’ve felt burnt out recently and I think it’s because I got to think a lot about myself. After we reached #1 on Hot 100 on Billboard so many people congratulated me and I thought I deserved to hear that." But with BTS' level of success also came an immense amount of pressure. "In fact, there are so many more people who love and do better in music and I thought it was okay to receive this joy and congratulatory message, and as I got in to it deeper I struggled more so I kinda just wanted to put it all down."

Fans can take a listen to Jin's new track via Soundcloud below and see the English translation of his letter.

ARMYs can hardly contain their excitement over the song.

Jin's new song was the ultimate gift to fans, but he also received exciting news just three days before his 28th birthday. While most South Korean men are required to enlist in the Korean military at the age of 28 to serve for about two years, the country's Parliament passed a new law which will allow him and other artists who are recognized by the government as a figure who is elevating the national reputation around the world to defer enlistment until they are 30. Since every member of BTS received the the Order of Cultural Merit, they can all take advantage of the new law. Between that happy news, and his new song, it's a good week to be a member of the BTS Army.