8 Traditions To Start With Your Friends This Friendsgiving & Continue Forever

Going around the table and saying what you're most thankful for is likely easy, because you have the best crew of family and friends around. Your squad is basically like the family you chose, and that's why you plan on hosting Friendsgiving to celebrate how #blessed you are. For the past few years, I've relied heavily on my Friendsgivings, because I can't make it home for the holiday. Though, some people get the best of both worlds with a pre-Thanksgiving feast with their besties, and another on Turkey Day with their family. No matter when you have yours, there are some traditions to start with your friends this Friendsgiving that you'll want to continue forever.

Most Friendsgivings have the luxury of being laid-back. It's just you and your crew, so you have the freedom to make your celebration whatever you want it to be. That means kicking it off with some cool traditions. You can either introduce ones from your family, like watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (complete with waffles and mimosas), or come up with brand new traditions, like making a homemade photo booth to take pics in.

If you and your friends are looking for a little Friendsgiving inspiration, here are eight traditions you can start this year. From my friends to yours, I hope you have the best Friendsgiving together filled with tons of mashed potatoes and memories.

Have Everyone Bring A Special Family Recipe

Since most Friendsgivings are potluck-style, instead of assigning dishes this year, you can have people bring the recipe that's treasured most by their family. Every family has that one signature dish that scores an invite to Thanksgiving, no matter what. For mine, it's my grandma's chocolate chess pie. I've brought it to every Friendsgiving I've attended, and it's always a major hit. Not only do I get to enjoy my fave dish, but it's nice to be able to share something I love with my best friends.

Stream Your Favorite Thanksgiving Episodes While You Prep The Turkey

After watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, you and your friends can stream your favorite Thanksgiving episodes while you prep in the kitchen. Obviously, the Gilmore Girls episode where Lorelai and Rory go to four different dinners is essential, and all of the Gossip Girl Thanksgiving episodes will ensure you have several side dishes of drama to enjoy. Though, it wouldn't be Friendsgiving without Friends — so choose wisely!

Don't Forget The Squad Family Photo

A picture of your entire squad is a must! Snap a selfie when you're sitting around the table, or pose for one all bundled up outside. You could even set up a makeshift photo booth in the corner, complete with Friendsgiving decor, to take pictures in all day long. Just don't forget to come up with a punny hashtag for when you want to post to the 'Gram.

Mix Up A Festively Punny Cocktail

As your friends begin to arrive, have a signature cocktail ready for them to sip while they wait for dinner to be served (for those of you who are 21 or over). Come up with a new recipe each year, and name it something punny like, "Love You Berry Much." You could even incorporate fun mix-ins like eggnog vodka or pumpkin spice Baileys.

Guess What Everyone Is Most Thankful For

Instead of going around the table and everyone saying what they're thankful for, make it a guessing game. Have your friends each write down on a piece of paper what they're grateful for, and put them all in a bowl. Pass it around the table, and read out loud what each one says. Then, have everyone guess who wrote it. It's a fun twist to a sweet tradition.

Come Up With A Name For Each Friendsgiving

If your crew has had Friendsgiving together for years, a fun tradition to start is coming up with a name for each feast. For instance, your dinner this year could be called "Friendsgiving 2018: Let's Get Basted." Once the name is picked out, you can even get personalized invites from Etsy to send out to your squad.

Plan A Post-Meal Walk In The Park

Usually after dinner, everyone tends to fall asleep. However, to ensure the party continues, get your crew to walk through the park to help digest all that yummy food you just ate. It also gives you a chance to check out the gorgeous fall foliage, and maybe snap some Insta-worthy pics. You could bring a football to toss around, too.

Get Customizable Keepsakes For Your Guests

If you're planning on having the best Friendsgiving ever, you'll want something to remember it by. That's where Etsy comes in to make all of your dreams come true. You can get pretty much anything you want customized — even Friendsgiving keepsakes.

Get personalized wine glasses for all of your besties, or even cute drink koozies with the punny name you came up with for your feast this year. These items will be sweet party favors your friends can take home with them, along with some leftovers.