Try these virtual Thanksgiving game ideas with your long-distance besties.
Distance Has Nothing On These 10 Virtual Friendsgiving Games For Your Squad

Settle in for a festive celebration with your besties.

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A true friendship can thrive long distance and be celebrated on holidays like Friendsgiving with a sweet, virtual party. While your turkey's in the oven, you and your friends can have fun on Zoom from the comforts of your own homes with these virtual Friendsgiving games. Who said game night needed to be under one roof, anyway? With a little creativity and some competitive spirit, your friend group can have the most epic celebration no matter where everyone's located this year.

By now, you may have exhausted your go-to virtual games during happy hours. It's prime time to look for something out-of-the-box, and an easy way to do that is by funneling your fave games through a Thanksgiving-themed lens. For example, get a festive trivia game going where everyone can say what they love the most about the winner. Since you're already spending so much time in your kitchen, try a few baking games like a recipe swap or a decorating challenge. You may also have time for a scavenger hunt around the house while you wait for your pumpkin pie to cool down.

The food and drinks are all set for your party. All that's left to do is settle on the fun, so go ahead and schedule any of these 10 virtual Friendsgiving game ideas with your main squeezes.

"May The Best Slice Win"
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If you've ever wanted to be a contestant on a baking show like Nailed It!, now's your chance. This game is all about decorating the most aesthetically pleasing slice of pie. Set up bowls of colorful sprinkles, edible flowers, and icing. Then, start a timer and have everyone get as creative as they please.

Post your masterpieces on Instagram, and let a poll on someone's IG Story determine which presentation deserves the gold. May the best slice win.

"The Thanksgiving Basket"

Put together a scavenger hunt where your friends have to gather up different Thanksgiving-related things in their house. It can be as simple as a can of cranberry sauce or as specific as a homemade Thanksgiving decoration they made back in grade school.

Send over a list to your friends, set a timer, and let everyone gather up their goods in a basket. Once the time's up, everyone can do a show-and-tell of their Thanksgiving basket, and see who was able to find the most items on the list.

"Thanks For The Mems"

Thanksgiving is all about reflecting on the good times with the ones you love most. This game is super sweet, but it can also be full of LOLs.

Using a random word generator as a suggestion, tell the first story that comes to mind when you think of your word. The goal is to get creative here. It could be a story about the time you all went on a cross-country road trip in college or stayed up all night prank phone calling your crushes at a middle school sleepover. The most creative story wins.

"Gratitude Trivia"

Trivia never gets old, and it can easily be played virtually. Either come up with your own questions or play a game like Trivia Murder Party on JackBox. This particular game involves playing a whole bunch of mini games inside one big one, so you won’t ever get bored. What will make this game Friendsgiving-themed and super sweet is that everyone can say something they're grateful for about the person who wins.

"The Recipe Swap"
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Your kitchen will already be prepped for this virtual game. Share some of your favorite family recipes with your friends by doing a recipe swap. While someone tries to tackle a pumpkin pie, you could be making your very first green bean casserole. Turn it into a competition by voting on the most Pinterest-worthy presentation.

"The One Where You're All The Friends Characters"

Friends has some of the greatest Thanksgiving episodes of any TV show. If it's a tradition to watch these episodes with your besties, now you can play a part.

Assign each one of your friends a Friends character to be. Whoever's Monica can put a turkey hat on their head, and whoever's Joey can wear every shirt in their closet to mock Chandler. When you sign into your Zoom party, vote on who did the best job recreating their character and keep the roles going all the way through dinner.

"The Mystery Box Challenge"

Another fun cooking challenge is putting together mystery boxes. Take your computer to your kitchen cabinets and pantry, and let your friends pick and choose different ingredients. Once you have a mystery box filled with goods, you must get creative and put together a dish with those chosen ingredients for your Friendsgiving "dinner." You never know. You could end up making your new favorite dish to serve every year.

“Pet Turkey Costume Challenge”

Remember making DIY turkey art in every way possible in elementary school? Kick it up a notch with your pet-loving friends over Zoom with a little turkey costume challenge. Use paper, feathers, or whatever craft supplies you have to construct the best turkey costume for your dog or cat. Put it to a vote to declare the winner — and be sure to give your furry friend some extra Thanksgiving treats for being a good sport. The most adorable of Friendsgiving activities.

“Thanksgiving Pictionary”

Split your Zoom party up into teams and get ready to draw some Thanksgiving-themed pictures. Have each person come prepared with paper and pencil — or better, an easel. Then, fill a random word generator with Thanksgiving-themed words to randomly pick the drawer’s subject. Play this in a more charade-style than the traditional Pictionary board game to make it easier for a virtual Friendsgiving.

“Thanksgiving Catchphrase”

If you need a little adrenaline to bring you back from a turkey-induced food coma, consider a high-stakes, fast-paced game like Catchphrase. Similar to Pictionary, you’re trying to have your teammates guess the word or phrase — in this case, they would be Thanksgiving-themed. But instead of drawing, you’ll describe the word or phrase without actually saying it, like Taboo. This is all done to a quick timer, so speed is your friend. The team that guessed the most phrases correctly within the allotted time wins.

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