7 Reasons Why The Summer Is The Best Time To Be Single, So Soak Up The Sun

Chances are, you’ve probably heard of cuffing season — a time of year from October through February when people eagerly pair off in order to have a hibernation partner to snuggle during the colder months. Well, one might say that summer is the anti-cuffing season. In fact, there are a ton of reasons why the summer is the best time to be single.

Need proof? Facebook data from 2010-2011 revealed that people are least likely to be "in a relationship” (according to their status) between May and August. And is anyone surprised? After all, there is a slew of perks to riding solo in the summertime. (*Cue: "Young, Wild and Free" while you cruise to the beach with the top down).

To be clear, there are benefits to being single any time of year. But during the colder season, you may find yourself longing for a Valentine, a date to your company holiday party, or a midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve. Or maybe you’re just more likely to lament your single status when nosy Aunt Judy starts interrogating you about your personal life at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Once the weather heats up, however, you may very well find yourself grateful that you’re unattached. Because honestly, who needs extra body heat in their bed when it’s pushing 90 degrees, anyway? Here are a few more reasons to celebrate your single status this summer.

You're free to have a fling.
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Maybe you met a cutie on your month-long trip to Italy. Or, alternatively, you crossed paths with an intriguing stranger at the bar who only happens to be staying in town for the summer. Either way, if you’ve been itching to have a fling, summer is the perfect time to do so given that the season has an inherently carefree vibe. So go ahead and get some short-lived kicks with some rando you met at your bestie’s BBQ. It can be fun to have a partner-in-crime for all your warm-weather adventures, and the best part is, you can go your separate ways before the spark fizzles out.

You can treat yoself — again and again.

Since you won’t be spending money on an extra ticket to that music fest, or fancy date night dinners, you can use those funds to pamper yourself a bit this summer. That could mean getting a monthly pedi, splurging on the top-notch prosecco, or snagging those pricey pink slingbacks just because they make you feel cute. When you’re single, you can be a bit more selfish in terms of your finances, so why not treat yoself?

It’s the perfect time to show some skin.
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The dog days of summer are obviously an ideal time to rock skin-baring ensembles.

Nothing says “single and ready to mingle” quite like a crop top and some teeny shorts. Let your summer wardrobe do the flirting for you, why don’t you? ‘Tis the season for sleeveless bodycon dresses with cutouts, miniskirts, and midriff-baring tops, after all. You might as well embrace your single status and rock an ensemble that turns a few heads at that rooftop party.

Wedding season FTW.

In the epic rom-com Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s characters make a tradition out of attending weddings they're not invited to all summer long, indulging in the complimentary open bar and racking up endless hookups. They may have been on to something, TBH.

So, while you may feel bummed that you don't have a plus-one to that wedding, being single may ultimately be to your advantage. Given the inherent romantic vibes in the air as well as the inevitable wine goggles (see: aforementioned open bar), weddings offer up a phenomenal opportunity to flirt with a stranger. There’s some added reassurance in knowing that your dance partner is somehow connected to people in your inner circle. Plus, it’s a known fact that everyone looks fine AF at weddings — so don’t let that stellar contour job and runway-worthy updo go to waste.

You can focus on your friendships.

Some of my best memories with my girlfriends are from the summer — from hilarious debauchery at rooftop parties, and catching up over sushi picnics to sneaking sips of sangria we snuck onto the beach. If you’re single this summer, why not take advantage of this opportunity to bond with your besties? It’s undoubtedly a tad more challenging to make time for friends when you’re in a relationship. But when you’re unattached, you can use your days off to reconnect with the friends who make you feel loved (which can be oh so important when you’re riding solo).

You'll have way more dating prospects to pick from.

During the colder months, lots of people are probably holed up with takeout and Netflix on a Friday night. But once the temperatures rise, everyone is more likely to go out and socialize, which means you’ll have so many more dating prospects to choose from.

As an added bonus, this season unlocks all kinds of options for date ideas that simply aren’t feasible when it’s cold outside. From outdoor concerts and night picnics to al fresco dinners, there are so many fun ways to get to know someone during summer.

You can indulge in your spontaneous side.
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Tempted to take off on a road trip with your sister? Suddenly feel like spending a month backpacking through Europe? When you don’t have to factor an SO into your decision-making, you’re free to be super spontaneous, whether that means heading over to a late-night party across town at the last minute or taking an impromptu vacation.

There’s something about the wind in your hair, rosé in your hand vibes of summer that pair so perfectly with singledom. So, why not embrace the fact that you’re living the solo life? Whether you’d rather use the hotter months to hone in on your friendships and personal passions, find out what all the fuss is about when it comes to summer flings, or swipe to your heart’s content from the comfort of your air-conditioned abode, there’s truly no right or wrong way to celebrate your single status this summer.