4 Benefits Of Being Single To Remember When All Your Friends Are Coupled Up

by Alison Segel
Dimitrije Tanaskovic

My single girlfriends and I all just booked a trip to Copenhagen on a whim. Literally just now, within the last 20 minutes. That's one of the benefits of being single. My friend Rachel got an email that, during the month of November, flights to Barcelona, Spain, Paris, and Copenhagen were incredibly affordable during certain dates. I'm talking, like, only $150 dollars. She sent the link to our group text (God bless the single girls group text), and we decided to go to the place none of us had been before — Copenhagen.

And that made me realize that's something I couldn't really do, and wouldn't do, if I was in a relationship. Every time I have a boyfriend, I always get so invested in our relationship that I forget to pursue my own passions. I love Netflix nights and cuddling so much that the idea of going to Copenhagen with my girls on a whim doesn't even cross my mind.

Being in a relationship is great, but being single is a blessing. You're free! It's liberating! There's no better time to explore the world, your career, your friendships, and yourself. So if you're feeling bummed out that all your friends are coupled up, don't be. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Here are some other benefits to being single, even when it seems like the entire world around you is coupled up. I swear, it's better!

1. You Get To Go To The Bathroom With The Door Open


I feel like a huge component of relationships is pretending that you do not go to the bathroom. I am 31 years old and have literally still never gone "to the bathroom" (you know what I mean) at a boyfriend's house. Yes, I know that is insane. But big secret I'm about to drop onto the world: Women poop. But when you're in a relationship, somehow, that seems like a hurdle you actually have to navigate. I do not know why that's a thing.

Sometimes, I take for granted the fact that I can go to the bathroom, shower, and get ready with the door open when I'm not dating anyone. I can walk around naked. I don't have to worry about weirding or grossing anyone out. I mean, a large component of this is that I don't have roommates, but I also don't have a boyfriend to worry about either.

So next time you're peeing with the door open, be grateful for your singleness. It's little habits like that, however silly, that make me happy I'm alone.

2. It's Always A Good Time For a Face Mask

Chelsea Victoria

Part of the beauty of being single is that you can roam around your house wearing whatever you'd like. Sweatpants, a sweatshirt, face mask, hair mask, and retainer in? Why not?! It's your life; live it to the fullest.

I know that when I'm in a relationship, I always feel the need to wear a bra. I'm insecure about my boobs — I'm a DDD — and if they're not supported, it ain't pretty. Let's just say, I can almost trip over them.

But when I'm single, the first thing I do when I get off work is take off my bra. I let Laverne and Shirley (what I've named my boobs) roam free. Because when you live alone and are single, you don't concern yourself with looking attractive for anyone.

There's nothing more liberating than being your true, authentic self within the comfort of your own home. As a single person, embrace it.

3. You Never Have To Watch The Movie Die Hard

Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy

...or whatever your version of Die Hard is. For some reason, every time I date a new guy, he forces me to watch Die Hard. The current guy I'm hanging out with is obsessed with me watching Star Wars. When you're dating someone, you have to make compromises and open yourself to new hobbies that might not interest you.

When you're single, however, you get to live life for yourself and only yourself. You don't have to go see your significant other's favorite band play or go see a horror movie because your partner loves them, even though they scare the sh*t out of you. Being single means living life for yourself, and cultivating your own interests. And that's exciting.

4. You Only Have To Hang Out With Who You Want To


That means no scary in-laws or weird friends. Part of being in a relationship is blending your life with your partner's. And sometimes, you might not be so into what your significant other's life is about. I once dated a guy whose sister I absolutely did not get along with. However, they were best friends, and I had to see her all the time. It impacted my social life, our relationship, and my personal happiness.

When you're single, your life is completely and utterly your own. So be grateful, because you don't have to be the plus-one at any weddings or go to any parties you'd rather die than attend. Being single is actually a blessing where you get to be truly and authentically you. Why not take advantage of it? Maybe start a group text with your single girl friends and plan a trip to Copenhagen. You're only young once, and maybe I'll see you there.

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