Why The Start Of Summer Is The Perfect Time To Start Dating Someone New

by Annie Foskett

Greetings, from almost-summer! Much like Ronnie Magro of Jersey Shore's Season 1 declaration, "My only rule: Never fall in love at the Jersey Shore. Never, ever. Ever. Ever," I often feel that summer is a time for prioritizing enjoyment over seriousness, especially when it comes to dating. However, with age, I have realized that Ron Ron is not who I want to be looking to for life advice, and that summer is just another season. Start your engines, because guess what? I actually think that summer is the perfect time to start dating someone new.

Meeting someone wonderful in early June should not be a threat to your summer, but instead, an excellent accoutrement. Whether you are traveling every weekend, or stuck in your city for the next three months, dating is possible during the summer. It's just a bit more challenging. And don't we all love a challenge? Yass!

Since I do not believe that dating someone should be equated with "having a ball and chain that holds you back from every fun," I think that it is perfectly possible to start dating someone new this summer, and still have an excellent time. From outdoor date ideas to the general giddiness everyone starts feeling as the weather warms up, here is why I think summer is the perfect time to meet someone new.

You Can Go Get Frozen Drinks Together, Which Rocks

Drinking frozen drinks is my all-time favorite summer pastime, and somehow having a first date that involves something other than a wine bar or just some beers and usually is topped with a pineapple makes a regular date feel more like a tropical vacation. Plus, you can't take yourselves too seriously. I'm very pro-frozens. Find the best frozen Negroni in your city and get your bum on a date there, pronto.

It's Wedding Season

Wedding season is a great time to start dating someone new for a plethora of reasons. One, because you might meet them at a wedding, which is super adorable and exciting. Two, because you might end up with a random plus one to a wedding, and if you start dating someone this summer, you'll actually have a legitimate person to bring. (Never abuse your plus-one with a rando!)

Finally, because wedding season means that you'll be thinking about the future a little bit more, and even if you don't end up with the person you date this summer, it's really fun to send buzzed texts to a cutie from your BFF's wedding. It also mitigates any "sh*t I'm single" pain.

You're Traveling A Lot

Which, I admit, I've argued is a reason not to get too close to someone in the summer, however, I think summer's busy schedules also takes some pressure off a new situationship. Let's say you meet in June, but both travel a bit, and see each other in between. It allows you to "slow fade" into a relationship, and take some time to see if you actually miss each other when you're apart.

No texts from your new person after you go to Portugal for two weeks? Fine, you learned sooner than later. But if things go really well, who knows, you might even plan a late summer trip together. As one who struggles when things are too hot and heavy at first, I like the idea of a summer of casual dating before investing (or bailing) in the fall.

There Are One Million Date Ideas

While that is hyperbole, it is also not that far off. From outdoor movies and concerts, to boats that open up for drinking on, to mini-golf and simple walks in the park, the summer weather means that you're not relegated to getting drinks or dinner indoors every night.

Maybe it's memories of summer camp crushes, or flings during college summers, but there's just something about that July air and being in it with another person that makes everything come up roses. Be a rebel. Try dating someone this summer. No matter what, you'll have fun. And some frozen drinks.