6 Ways To Find The Ultimate Summer Fling So 2018 Will Be Your Hottest Summer Yet

by Annie Foskett

The word "fling" has a highly negative reputation, and I think it's an undeserved one. Yes, the phonetics of the word itself sound flaky, and that the word connotes a temporary and unserious state. But if the word "fling" was a person, Fling would be the life of the party — sipping margaritas on a unicorn pool float. I want to reclaim the word "fling" and sort out how to find a summer fling for those of you who are on board with this idea.

To enjoy a summer fling is to enjoy your life in the moment. (She said with all too much seriousness, as though she was sitting in a cabin at Walden Pond.) But I do feel as though I have a fling with summer every year. Every summer I enjoy the excellent weather with abandon knowing that it can't last forever, because I live in New York.

Summer has a pre-established beginning and endpoint, and that somehow makes it OK to indulge a little more in relaxation, hot dogs, and rosé while the opportunity is there. There are no falsehoods — no one is under the guise that the nights of wearing white pants and staring at fireworks will be endless. And that right there is exactly what I think the key to a successful summer fling is — the acknowledgment that the lusty-but-also-romantic kisses are temporary. If you're OK with that fact, and you want find someone cute to romance for the next few months, here are my hot tips.

Vacation With A Big Group For A Weekend

Whether you can afford what we New Yorkers call a "share house" (yes, a weekend house a crew rents for the summer out East, see Summer House on Bravo for further clarifications) or you just caught wind of a coworker looking to fill one more spot in a rental house on a trip to a lake, SIGN UP! This is an excellent way to meet new people, get slightly sloppy, and fall a little bit in summer lurve. (Note that I did not say "love.")

Go On One Date A Week

The apps may be a bit slower in the summers, but I have faith in you. Hold yourself accountable to going on something like one date a week — people stick around on summer weekdays — until you find a cutie you'd like to stick around. Summer evenings are great for outdoor activities and beverages, and holding yourself accountable to a date a week is a great way to put yourself out there.

Join A Summer League

Whether you played soccer in college, have always wanted to try that dodgeball league, or just want to stay in the AC at your local bowling alley, try something new this year. You'll meet fun people, there are usually social activities afterwards, and there could be cuties on your team.

Say Yes To Every Invite

From happy hours with coworkers you barely know to weekends away with friends at a summer house that's a bit expensive (don't go overboard) say "YES" to every invite you get this summer. I promise you'll meet at least one cool person.

Enroll In A Class

Have you always wanted to become a better cook? Looking to up your accounting skills? Want to learn Photoshop? Summer gets hot, so why not commit to some quality learning time in the AC where you just might meet someone adorable with a similar interest.

Find The Intern Bars In Your City

Do college or grad students often intern in your city? If so, there are definitely particular bars where they hang out. If you really want to find someone who will be a true fling, go meet some interns — they have an end date to their time in your city, so things should stay cool and casual.

Remember, a fling is only a bad thing if you don't want to be in one. If you are looking to have some indulgent fun this summer, go forth! Let there be flings!