Why I Believe In Treating Yourself More Than Once A Month To Self-Care Necessities

by Kristin Corpuz

People in my close circles know that I'm a big advocate for treating myself. I invest in a good mani-pedi at least once a month, try to get a facial every couple of months or so, and get a massage at least once every three or four months (which is actually less often than I'd like). On top of that, every month I try to buy myself one new article of clothing or new makeup item, so that I have something new to get excited about. I believe in treating yourself more than once a month, because I personally think that you become the most productive when your body feels relaxed and pampered.

I grew up very frugal, never really wanting to spend money on myself. (I distinctly remember feeling so proud when I found my junior year homecoming dress in high school for only $20.) And even though I haven't "made it" financially by any means — I definitely like to pretend I'm more bougie than I actually am — I do believe that taking care of myself is a necessary expense that I'm not really willing to give up.

The process of becoming a full-fledged #GirlBoss is exhausting, and I firmly believe that one of the keys to survival when you're hustling is being willing to take some time for yourself. Doing things that just benefit you can work wonders for your self-esteem, confidence, work ethic, and overall life. If you're not already treating yourself more than once a month, you should absolutely give it a try.

"Treating myself" can mean anything — from taking myself out for a fancy dinner, to spending some alone time at home with a cup of my favorite tea.


I should clarify: "Treating myself" doesn't necessarily mean that I am constantly dropping a ton of money on luxury spa packages. Sometimes it means that I buy that one expensive highlighter I've had my eye on for a while, treat myself to a cocktail at The Standard, or grab a matcha latte at that cute Instagrammable spot in SoHo I've been longing to visit.

I am also huge advocate for some R&R by way of a good beauty treatment. For example, I really love getting my nails done. You know how some people say you can tell a lot about someone by looking at their shoes? I think that's true, too, but I actually look at peoples' hands more often. I talk with my hands a lot, and I know that my hands and fingers are a couple of the first things that people see when they start interacting with me. I believe that getting a really well-done manicure says a lot about how I care for myself, and in turn, how I care for everything else that I do, including my work. Your nails can make a statement about your personality, and if I'm being entirely honest, I feel more dressed up when my nails are on point.

Facials and massages, while, in my opinion, are not as necessary as a great manicure, are still really important to me. My body works hard for me: Between long work hours, flights across the globe, and needing to consistently have my creative thinking cap on due to my career, I feel myself getting exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I believe that when you give something back to your body, you exude a confidence and sense of ease that's difficult to replicate in any other way. Allowing my body and mind to feel pampered and relaxed evokes a comfort that bleeds into everything that I do. I know that I am significantly more productive and easier to be around after I've treated myself a little bit.

Treating myself can be expensive, but there are ways around it.


I think that "treating myself" can mean doing anything that makes me happy. Although that often involves me spending money, it doesn't necessarily have to. Time alone is surprisingly therapeutic, and can do a lot for my general wellness.

"Treating myself" also means giving myself a break. I've found that it's about knowing that, sometimes, you just need to take a step back. Whether that means logging off your email early one day, saying "no" to plans, or going to bed at a reasonable hour, allowing your body and mind to rest does so much good.

But when I do choose to invest in a little retail therapy or a fun beauty treatment, I look for the deals that'll help me get the most bang for my buck. I scour through my junk email to find out what sales are happening, I live for a good Groupon massage, and I check to see if I've earned any rewards at any of my go-to salons or stores.

Learning to treat myself has done wonders for my confidence.


I like to think of myself as a pretty confident person, but I know that I've gotten significantly more comfortable with myself since I made a resolution to really invest in my total wellness from the inside out. I believe that spending time and money on your overall health affects the rest of your life. When you feel relaxed, I believe it brings out an ease in you that makes people gravitate toward you.