6 Alternative Ways To Wear Your Wedding Band If You Hate Rings

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If you've never liked wearing rings, knowing some alternative ways to wear your wedding band can really come in, well, handy. After falling in love and tying the knot, the last thing you want to worry about is what the heck to do with your wedding band. Though some people may love to wear their band around their finger, there are plenty of ways to rock your post-nuptial bling that don't include wearing a ring.

When it comes to all aspects of weddings, you get to do what feels right for you. If you're not super into rings, it's totally OK to nix the tradition. Maybe you and your boo would rather spend the money on a trip around the world or put a down payment on a house. Maybe you want to have a ring but don't like to wear it. Whatever the case, you get the final say in who you marry and how you marry them. From no rings to "7 rings" to a sour cherry Ring Pop (lots of pop culture references there, wow), there is no one way to rock your wedding bling.

And if you hate wearing rings, here are six different ways to rock your wedding band.

Turn It Into An Open Circle Bracelet

Open circle jewelry is totally in right now, and making a piece from a wedding band can add some extra aww. If dangle bracelets aren't your thing, turn your band on its side, and make a bracelet with the ring lying down.

Ring On A String

Although Vanderpump Rules fans will all recall the drama that ensued from Schwartz giving Katie a ring on a string, wearing you ring on a necklace or chain is a classic way to rock your band not on your hand. (Shout out to Carrie Bradshaw, the Aidan years). As Carrie said, wearing a ring around your neck keeps it closer to your heart, it also keeps it in your sight at all times.

Dangle It From A Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are timeless pieces that can collect memories for a lifetime. If you're not super into rings but you're totally down with bracelets, turn you wedding band into a charm. If you and your boo love to travel or you enjoy antiquing together, collecting new charms to add to your bracelet can become a fun and sentimental hobby.

Get Ring Tattoos

If you and your boo have exchanged your vows, adding some extra body ink can be a cute way to forgo a traditional wedding band. Getting matching finger tattoos (or anywhere tattoos!) is a lifelong way to show your love to the world.

Make Hoop Earrings

If you're not into finger rings, but you're super into earrings, turn your band into a hoop. Whether you're a DIY queen and want to add an earring head to your band yourself or you want take your band to a jeweler, turning a wedding band into a hoop earring is a fresh way to style your ring.

Put It On A Key Chain

If you never leave you house without your keys, putting your wedding band on a key chain means it will always be by your side. If you get a cute hook or a short chain — putting your band on your keychain keeps your fingers free.

From necklaces to key chains, there are tons of ways to rock your wedding band if you don't like wearing rings. Though some people love to keep things traditional, making your own traditions can be super special as well. Living life means being yourself and doing what feels best for you — and that has a ring to it.

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