6 Hot Pictures That'll Light Your Partner's Candles If You're Apart On Their Birthday

So, bae's birthday is coming up. Usually this is really exciting! Who doesn't love celebrating their partner? But if for whatever reason you can't be together this year, and you still want to make sure they're extra ~happy~ on their birthday, worry not. There are some ways to make that distance a little easier, and sending pictures is just one of them. These pictures to send your partner if you’re apart on their birthday will have them catching the next flight to you in no time.

Even if you and your partner have been in a long-distance relationship for years now, and you're used to not always being together on special days, it can still be kind of a bummer. Sending bae any of these pictures on their birthday can be a nice little reminder of what they have waiting for them when they come home — whether that be next week or next month. So, as a way of making it easier for you and your partner to cope with being apart on their birthday, consider sending them one of these pictures. It can be a sweet, yet scandalous way of saying, "Happy birthday, my love. I miss you."

A picture of you in lingerie

Everyone knows (consensual) birthday sex is totally a thing. I mean, Jeremih's "Birthday Sex" is a total bop and has been for the last 10 years. So, if you and your partner can't be in the same city to get down for their birthday, fret not. What better way is there to wish them a very sexy "happy birthday" from afar than to send them a killer picture of you in your red-hot lingerie? Bonus points if they were there when you bought it! (Or if they bought it for you.)

A snapshot of their favorite body part

Depending on how long you and your SO have been together, you probably already know which part of your body is their weakness, and they know what part of theirs is yours. For a nice little birthday present, send bae a sexy picture of the part of you that you know they can't see without immediately getting turned on. It's sure to light their candle, if you catch my drift.

A "casual" seflie of you in bed

The best way to go about this bad boy is to make it seem like you're under the covers naked (or you know, actually be naked), and snap it from above with the sexiest sweet smile you can muster. Spread your hair out so it looks perfectly messy but not like you haven't brushed it in 14 hours. Once you've got the perfect casually naked in bed pic, simply caption it, "Happy birthday, babe." Short, sweet, to the point, and sexy as can be.

A tasteful nude.

If you'd rather skip the innuendos and go right to the nudity, more power to ya! Whether you choose to take a completely naked mirror selfie (aka, a melfie), a selfie, a polaroid (which, if you can do that by yourself, please show me how), the possibilities are endless. But make sure you remember the cardinal rule of sending nudes: Never show your face!

A picture of you fresh out of the shower

Ah, yes, the typical, "just got out of the shower, not trying to be cute or anything" pic. This is the perfect snap if you're trying to put out a "I'm just naturally this dewy and fresh, here's a picture of me!" vibe. The carefree aspect of it can be a huge turn-on for the because it's like, "Wow, they don't even have to try and they're stunning," which you totally are.

Birthday hat!

Of course, if you really want to make your "happy birthday" wish extremely obvious, you can always send any one of these pictures with you wearing a birthday hat. And if you want to be extra scandalous, send bae a picture of you in absolutely nothing but the birthday hat.

Any these killer pictures to send your partner when you're apart on their birthday will make their day 10 times better, even though they can't physically be with you. And hey, maybe they'll be so turned on, they'll hop on the next flight out and see you tonight. You never know! Here's hoping for some real-life, rom-com action.