10 Pictures To Send Your Partner When You Miss Them That They Won't Stop Thinking About

There's a reason we can never get Kim K out of our brains, and that's partially because the girl has mastered the art of the thirst trap. But don’t hate, emulate... especially if you want to make sure you're always on bae's mind. There's no way to never be out of sight from time to time (and, honestly, that would be weird), but you can make sure you're never out of mind, just by sending bae the occasional pic to remind them exactly what they're missing. If you're not sure which pictures to send your partner, the truth is, there no exact answer.

The types of pics you send could range from a full-on thirst trap Kim K-style to something more sentimental and personal to the two of you. It all just depends on what you feel comfortable sharing, and what kind of person your partner is. But so long as you're catering to their personal preferences and taste, and sticking with what you're comfortable sending, you can't go wrong.

If you're taking a new picture always remember the most important elements: lighting, angle, and pose. Chose lighting that makes you feel most confident, whether that's soft, natural light or candle light. Also, never underestimate the power of a good shadow to add some drama. Don't be afraid to spend some time finding your favorite angles on your phone or in the mirror. And lastly, practice your poses and find the right one that makes you feel confident — because, more than anything else, confidence is what makes for amazing photos. Still need a little inspiration? Here are some ideas to help get those creative photo juices flowing.

1. A Photo Of You Waiting For Them In Bed

This can either be tousled and sexy or sweet and inviting. Who wouldn't rather be in bed right now with the person they love and desire?

2. A Photo Of You In A Clothing Item Of Theirs

If they happened to have left a shirt or pair of underwear at your place, then slip into their clothes and nothing else. Send them a steaming shot of you modeling them. It's the perfect blend of sweet and sexy.

3. A Tasteful Nude

Maybe you're a bit more adventurous and want to send them something to really drive them wild. Send a tasteful nude that just gives them a hint of what they are missing, as long as you feel totally comfortable doing so (and you know they're OK with it, too). Just be sure to warn them that something NSFW is coming.

4. A Not-So-Tasteful Nude

Maybe you're feeling more adventurous and really want them to know what's waiting for them at home. Again, just approach with caution and only send if you're comfortable doing so (and you trust this person).

5. A Photo Of You In A Towel, Fresh Out Of The Shower

Is there anything sexier than someone just out of shower, still dewy from the steam? Nope. Capitalize on that fact with a sexy post-shower shot.

6. A Photo Of You In A Black-Lace Bra

There's a reason this one is a classic. If you aren't comfortable with a full-on nude, some sexy lingerie will more than do the trick. In fact, oftentimes, less is so much more.

7. A Throwback Photo Of The Two Of You From A Special Memory

Maybe what really gets your SO's heart going is something sweeter, more innocent, and more romantic. If that's the case, remind them of a special moment that the two of you shared with a throwback pic of that important and meaningful moment.

8. A Photo Of Your Bare Back

If you want to show some skin, but still want to keep it a little suggestive, you can’t go wrong with a photo of you looking over your shoulder, with your back totally bare. It’s a mile of skin, but still totally PG-rated.

9. An Artistic Shot Of Their Favorite Body Part

Maybe it’s your legs, your under boob, or pouty lips. Whatever part of your body your SO just can’t seem to get enough of, send them an artistic shot that shows it off in all its glory.

10. A Photo Of You Doing Something You Love To Do Together

While sexy photos definitely have the turn-on factor in their favor, sometimes, just reminding your partner of why they love spending time with you will do the trick just as well. Maybe you love playing video games together, going swimming, or going out for a hike. Whatever the case may be, send them a snap of you doing it on your own, but wishing they were by your side.

No matter which route you take, if you shoot them over any of these pics, one thing is for sure: They won’t be able to stop thinking about you and counting down the minutes until you're back together IRL.

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