6 Hot Pictures To Send Your Partner If You Want To Have Sex Tonight

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you just want a photo to say two: "Do me." Yep, I'm talking about pictures to send if you want to have sex that are so hot, you'll have your partner rushing home to give you some of that sweet lovin' you crave.

So, what kind of sexy pic should you send? Do you just go with the basic bare minimum (literally)? It's definitely an option. Chances are, just sending a standard naked pic will get the job done. I mean, you're gorgeous, so of course they want to see all of that. But this is a chance to up your sexy game to the next level and really drive your partner wild with anticipation, so that you get exactly what you want tonight.

So before you just snap, spend a few moments thinking about what you want to send. Consider what they'd like to see, but, more importantly, what will make you feel your most sexy. Because nothing is more hot, alluring, and powerful than a woman who is really feeling herself. That confidence will shine through the photo and bring anyone lucky enough to receive the message to their knees. Still need a little extra inspiration to help get those creative juices flowing? Here are six sultry ideas for photos that are guaranteed to get you laid tonight.

Show Off Some Lingerie

Lingerie is the power-suit of the bedroom. Slip into something lacy (or leather!) and you'll feel like a boss, which is exactly the attitude you want to go into any sexy photo. Give your partner a tease of some lingerie you know they love, or show off your latest acquisition to let them know exactly what they will be getting (and giving) tonight.

Just You In Bed With The Caption “Tonight”

If you want to play it a little more coy, slip into something slightly bigger but just as suggestive — and by that I mean your bed. Climb into bed naked and arrange the sheets just so that your skin is showing enough to drive them crazy. And then caption it with just one word: "Tonight." Don't worry, they'll get the picture (literally).

You Wearing An Article of Their Clothes — And Nothing Else

Oops, did they leave something at your place? A pair of boxer briefs or a t-shirt? Slip into it and nothing else (except maybe some lingerie). Let them know if they ever want that article of clothing back, they'll have to take it off you.

A Tasteful Nude To Tease Them

If you want to keep it classy but also want that D (or V!), go with a classic: The tasteful nude. This photo is all about the pose that gives them a mile of skin without being fully graphic. Try showing your bare back with you peaking suggestively over your shoulder.

A Not-So-Tasteful Nude, To Let Them Really Know What's Up

Maybe what makes you feel powerful and sexy is to really just go there and let it all hang out — literally. First of all, you're amazing. Anyone who fully embraces their body is my hero. But secondly, if you're going give them the full monty, there is one body part you should definitely keep hidden — your face. Revenge porn is a real thing. And you want to get screwed tonight, not forever on the internet.

A Series Of Photos Ending With A Sexy Cliffhanger

Who doesn't want to follow an erotic breadcrumb trail, especially when it involves getting a peek at your beautiful body? Create a sexy series of images that lead your partner’s eyes on a journey up or down your body. But just before getting to what they are anticipating, stop and let them know that if they want to see the end of the path, they will need to do so IRL — tonight.

Who can resist photoshoots like these? No one, that's who. Just one last bit of advice: Don't feel like you have send the first photo you take. Spend some time playing with angles, poses, lighting, and filters. What you may find along the way is that creating the invitation is a huge turn-on all on its own.

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