5 Hot Pictures To Send Your Partner On Their Birthday That Will Really Light Their Candles

If you're stressed about finding the perfect birthday present for your boo, a hot picture that celebrates your partner getting a year older can be a fun way to digitally say HBD. Beyond a sappy handwritten note or a fancy dinner party among friends, sending your boo a sultry shot on their special day can be super sext. And super free. Sending hot pictures to send your partner on their birthday is a visual way to get the party started.

Of course, before hitting send on something a little naughty, it's important to talk to your partner in person about the role of sexy texting and photo swapping. Establishing healthy boundaries and ensuring you're on the same page with your intentions with your sexy snaps can help make everyone feel sexy and safe. Although everyone does birthdays differently, sending a birthday pic can be a little cute way to celebrate you boo, even if they're not super into having the spotlight on them or like to keep their special day low key. A private pic is something just for your sweetie.

Here are five hot photos to send your partner on their birthday that are sure to blow out their candles.

Nothing But A Party Hat

After hitting a local dollar store and getting some amazing party favors (never pay more than a dollar for a paper hat) sending a sexy nudie of you in your "Happy Birthday!" crown or party hat is a silly and sexy way to get the party started. Of course, if you're not trying to go full nude, sending a snap of you in your party outfit can give a sexy peak at what's to come.

Cake By The Pound

If your boo has a sweet tooth, making them a cake can be a really sweet way to say HBD. If you're already in the kitchen, taking a sexy snap of you baking their cake, perhaps a little nakey, or only wearing an apron, can be a totally hot move. You can do a fun feminist play on a '50s housewife or something totally cheesy — on purpose.

Give Them A Present

You really can use any variation of "I'll give you your present later" on any holiday that requires gifts, but it's still a timeless sexy way to get your boo ready for the bedroom. Of course if you got them a literal present, it could be a cute tease to send them a sexy picture of you wrapping the gift to leave them guessing what it is.

Rock Your Birthday Suit

If you're comfortable going fully nude, your boo's b-day is the perfect time for birthday suit jokes. Of course, sending a bathing suit pic or a snap of you in sweet jammies are just as sexy. Sending a picture of you in bed or just out of the shower with a comment about seeing your boo in their birthday suit later can be a little funny, but still sexy way to say HBD.

Something On Their Wish List

If you know your partner loves when you wear your hair down or that they picked out sexy undies for you last Valentine's Day, sending a pic of something you know they're into can be a sultry way to say HBD. Of course, you never need to go out of your comfort zone or do anything you're not totally into, no matter who's birthday it is. But if you're up for trying something you know your partner likes, sending a sexy snap can be a good way to say "Happy Birthday!"

Of course, however you celebrate your partner on their birthday is perfect. Though it's important to talk to your boo before you hit send to make sure you're both on the same page about swapping sexy pics, it's also super important to remember what you are comfortable with and what makes you feel sexy. Any picture your send your partner is sure to make them wish their birthday was everyday.