11 Birthday Text Ideas For Your Significant Other That Aren’t Super Mushy-Gushy

Besides the dreaded "Happy Birthday" song, or the royalty-free version of "They're A Jolly Good Fellow" you hear on network TV, there are many ways to say HBD to your special someone. When you're in a relationship, new or old, you probably want to make your boo's next birthday the best one yet (which you totally will, because you're awesome). If you want to kick off the celebration right when you wake up, birthday text ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend, are a cute way to get the party started.

From Birthday Divas to the I do not tell anyone when it's my birthday people, there are lots of ways that people handle getting another year older. If your boo isn't really into their birthday, a simple text can be a nice way to show them you care without giving them too much unwanted attention. If you are dating a fire sign, a B-Day Queen crown wearer, or someone who wants the world to sing their name, sending more than a "HBD" may be greatly appreciated (even expected).

If your boo's B-Day is coming up, here are 11 ways to text happy birthday to your boo without sounding super cheesy.

A Dry Witty
So, what did you get me? Oh, wait.

Making jokes like it's your birthday, and suggesting that your boo should get you a present, is a little way to turn the tables around.

Be (the) present.
I'll give you your present when we get home tonight.

Or any iteration of doing something sexy for their special day can be flirty without literally listing body parts.

Mother's Day
Tell your mom, 'thanks!'

Hey, they wouldn't be here without whoever put them here.

Play it cool, but sweet.
Happy you were born!

This is a sweeter way to say HBD, that shows you're grateful for your boo and glad to have them in your life.

Finger Lickin' Good
I didn't make a cake, so we'll have to find somewhere else to put all this frosting.

Bonus points if you secretly actually did make a cake, though.

Age is just a number
Happy 50th!

Or any other age that's not their age, but purposely different, so it doesn't look like you literally don't know how old they are.

Literally Just A 50 Cent Gif

Send 50 Cent instead of your two cents.

Keep it simple.
Happy Birthday babe! Can't wait to see you tonight.

If you're doing a special birthday meal or event, it can be a nice morning text to send a "can't wait to see you!" If your boo is long-distance, maybe send a cute selfie and remind them the next time you're going to touch faces IRL.

Forget Me Not
Oh, is something special happening today?

Joking like you forgot their birthday can be cute and fun — but make sure your boo is a good sport/knows you're kidding to ensure you're not pulling a 16 Candles living nightmare.

Send pics!
You wearing something cute?

A tasteful way to ask for pics. Also if you and boo are #styleicons, it's a cute way to see the birthday outfit — before seeing the birthday suit.

Love you, mean it.
I know that dating me feels like everyday is your birthday, but it really is today.

Insert 500 Days Of Summer, "Everyday you make me proud, today you get a card."

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a plain, "happy birthday." Maybe you and your boo keep it old school and you go for a phone call, or dare I say, paper card. Whatever the way, your partner's birthday is a perfect time to celebrate them and all the joy they bring to your life.