15 Funny Birthday Memes That Are So Accurate, They Take The Cake

Out of all the holidays, I would have to say my favorite is my birthday. (Yes, I consider my day of birth a national holiday that should be celebrated by all.) I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Birthdays are meant to be recognized to the fullest — and that means it's totally acceptable to celebrate your way through your entire birth month. And when the big day finally does arrive, you'll get a kick out of all the funny birthday memes your friends will inevitably send you.

There really is nothing better than having your friends reach out and wish you a happy birthday. It shows that they care, and makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Where a simple "happy birthday" is nice enough, you also love receiving something that makes you smile, like any of these 15 birthday memes. They perfectly capture all the feels you experience when you have the whole restaurant singing to you, and the frustrations of having to go into work on your big day.

Birthdays are universal. Everyone has one, so not only will your birthday-loving self adore these memes, but your friends will also find themselves giggling when they see them. You could even say memes are the birthday gifts that keep on giving.

For When You Have To Sit Through The Entire "Happy Birthday" Song
heyheykineshi on Twitter

I love my birthday, but even I have to admit that sitting through the "happy birthday" song in a restaurant can be the actual worst. No one is jazzed about singing it, and you don't particularly enjoy having people sing to you for long periods of time. To be honest, I'd much rather skip the singing and get to the cake eating quicker.

For When You're Patiently Waiting For Next Year
lala_bangs on Twitter

For someone who loves birthdays so much, you understand the extreme patience you have to practice while waiting another year until the next one. I guess waiting just gives you more time to come up with a fire party idea. Heck, maybe you'll even celebrate your half birthday to make the time go by quicker!

For When You're Cheesin' Hard On Your Big Day
visionquote on Twitter

Finally — it's your birthday! You can't help but to cheese so dang hard. Your face may even hurt from smiling so big all day long. Who can blame you, though? You're excited, and you really can't hide it.

For Those Who Believe That Birthdays Are Really All About You
mediagodzilla on Twitter

Most days I am humble AF, but when it comes to my birthday, I am the queen of the universe. (Sorry, not sorry.) It's my party, and I'll act like the universe revolves around me if I want to.

For When You Just Want To Dive Right Into Your Cake
erniecakesllc on Twitter

Candles are cute and all, but really unnecessary. If you're all about that cake on your birthday, you don't have time to waste blowing out your candles. You just want to get straight to eating, just like this pup.

For When Your Birthday Falls On The Dreaded Monday
someecards on Twitter

Struggles, am I right? It will eventually happen, and you can't avoid it. I'm talking about when your birthday falls on a Monday. It may not be the best day of the week, but on your favorite day of the year, you make it work. Even on a Monday, you can still live it up.

For All Of Those Last-Minute Store-Bought Cakes Out There
someecards on Twitter

It's the effort that counts. That's what you tell yourself when you get another supermarket cake from your coworkers. Honestly, you love cake so much, that it doesn't matter where it came from as long as it has icing.

For When You Have To Work On Your Birthday
funnybdaywishes on Twitter

I don't think it's fair for anyone to have to work on their big day. So, when you have to go into the office on your birthday, hopefully this funny meme will help you get through it.

... But You Pawsitively Don't Want To
birthdaymemelol on Twitter

Puns will always make me smile, even on the worst day ever — like when you have to go into work on your birthday. Hopefully you can get through the day thinking about this cute AF kitten. Pretty soon, you'll be off the clock and back to having a undeniably purrfect day.

For The Coolest Birthday Wish Ever Given
birthdaymeme on Twitter

I love scrolling through Facebook and texts to see all the birthday wishes I get. The ones that make me smile most come from my best friends, family, and my crush. It makes me feel like I just got wished a happy birthday from the coolest kid in school, which I'm pretty sure is this girl in this picture. I mean, come on. Those clothes just exude complete and utter coolness.

For All 'The Office' Fans Who Are Celebrating
birthdaymeme on Twitter

This meme is perfect for anyone who loves The Office. You can only imagine what it would be like to celebrate your birthday at Dunder Mifflin. Dwight would do his best to try to sour the mood, but you'd still have the rest of the office there to wish you a happy anniversary of your birthday.

For When You Want To Treat Yo' Self (Because You Deserve It)
birthdaymeme on Twitter

It's your birthday, and if that's not enough of a reason to treat yourself, I don't know what is. Be like this cat and totally spoil yourself. I'm thinking a spa day with some champagne, and taking a relaxing cat nap in the afternoon.

For When Birthday Puns Are No Prob-Llama For You
birthdaymeme on Twitter

Some people think puns are totally cheesy. But if you love them, you're sure to get a kick out of this llama one. (Plus, you can make sure all of your birthday cards last forever by llama-nating them.)

For Those Who Believe In The Fork
birthdaymeme on Twitter

You love cake. I know, because I love cake, too. It truly is the best part about birthdays. So, if staying in on your birthday sounds like a dream come true, I recommend cutting yourself a nice slice of cake and watching another episode of Star Wars. May the fork really be with you.

For The Most Enthusiastic Birthday Wish Ever
birthdaymeme on Twitter

Even though the delivery is a little dry, you definitely wish to have the most epic birthday ever. It's all about the sentiment. Maybe just like Napoleon Dynamite, you'll find yourself dancing to Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat," too.