6 Pictures To Send Your Long-Distance Partner That Are Sexy & Sweet

Being in a long-distance relationship can easily be considered one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. The lonely nights, the phone calls that make you miss them more than ever, and the uncertainty over whether or not it will all be worth it in the end are all parts of the deal. LDRs are no joke, but if you can both put a concentrated effort into keeping things moving forward in spite of the distance, then you're well on your way to creating something great. Coming up with some pictures to send to your long-distance partner to keep your connection strong is so important.

As someone who ended up in a relationship that was long-distance from the start, and continued to be long-distance for almost two years before relocating, let me just start off by saying, I feel you. The pain is so unbelievably real. But one of the most important things to keep in mind is that if the relationship isn't growing, then it's probably starting to wither. It's extremely hard to keep a relationship going without consistent effort to keep the forward momentum, in addition to taking every opportunity to include them in your life. Pictures are an amazing way to keep your partner in the loop so you don't lose touch, both on a sexual and psychological level. If you need some inspiration, here are six photo ideas that will help keep things on the up-and-up while you're apart.

1. A Picture Of You In Lingerie


I thought it would be good to start off with a long-distance classic — the lingerie pic. While nudes have been stealing the spotlight as of late, sexy lingerie pics can be just as effective. In some cases, they are even thought to be a bit more alluring, depending on who you ask. And let's be real, one of the hardest things about being apart is missing out on physical intimacy. Pictures (as well as some sexy Skype sessions) are a great way to bridge the gap.

2. A Cute Lunch Selfie


When you're in a long-distance relationship, it's hard to know when the sad I wish you were here feels are going to strike. If you find yourself sitting at your desk feeling sad, setting a few minutes aside on your lunch break to take a cute selfie with your yummy salad can give you something positive to focus on. Plus, including your SO in bits and pieces of your day-to-day is a good way to stay connected.

3. A Sexy Pout Pic


IMHO, this has got to be one of the most underrated tricks in the sexting game. Sending a sensual picture of your lips might sound a bit reductive, but chances are, they definitely miss kissing you. And because I'm lazy AF, one of the things I always appreciated about this pic was that I could literally take it in my sweatpants with no additional primping required aside from some gloss or a red lipstick if I was feeling particularly saucey.

4. A Weekend Night Out Pic


The jury might be divided on this one, but one of the things my partner would feel pretty bummed about was the weekend. Always knowing that we would both have all of this free time and that we weren't able to spend it together sucked. Once more, the low-key jealousy of knowing that we were both going to be in environments with people we might find attractive was just the icing on the sh*tty cake. That's when we both started sending each other "night out pics," which were basically just a couple of fun pics from our Friday or Saturday nights. There's something reassuring about knowing that even when you're out partying or having fun with friends, you're still on each other's minds.

5. A Throwback Picture Of You Together


When powering through time spent apart, remembering fun times spent together can be really nice. Not only does it remind you of how amazing your bae is (which can sometimes be forgotten when focusing on the pain of being separated) but receiving a picture with a powerful positive memory associated with it will likely make your SO feel some serious warm and fuzzy feels.

6. A Picture Of Their Favorite Body Part


No matter how PG or X-rated, there are typically specific things about our partner's bodies that we find particularly amazing. If there’s something you know they can’t get enough of, surprising them with a pic can be just the thing to initiate some much needed phone sex, or even just a sexy picture exchange. Just remember: Sending pictures that you feel comfortable with is so important. If you’re not ready to put everything out there, that is totally OK and your partner should be understanding.

Being apart from your bae is in no way easy, but finding someone who you’ve decided is worth the struggle really is something special. And while the road ahead probably won’t be easy, doing your best to keep your partner integrated into your daily life in small ways will work wonders.

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