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Here Are 12 Types Of Lingerie For All Sorts Of Sexy Occasions

Chemises are totally underrated.

by Sydnee Lyons
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Until recently, I'd never given much thought to wearing lingerie in bed. I didn't think it was something I could pull off and even if I did, I was convinced I would be too self-conscious about it to enjoy the experience. What I didn’t know what just how many types of lingerie they are. From camisoles to chemises to corsets, sexy undergarments come in all sorts of styles, and whether you rock them under clothes or by themselves, they can make you feel majorly hot. And if you’re looking to invest in a lingerie set (or a dozen), then it helps to know what styles work best for you.

Rather than wondering, “Do men like lingerie?,” the question should really be, do you? IMO, few things feel quite as sexy as wearing a silky negligee or lace bustier, and while bras, panties, and other frisky undergarments may be pricy, but you can't put a price on feeling yourself. Plus, when you shop the right brands, lingerie can be surprisingly affordable. If you’re new to the world of lingerie, then here’s what you should know about all the different styles. Whether you’re looking for something with support, lace, hooks, ribbons, tons of coverage, or no coverage at all, here are the lingerie styles that will have you feeling like you’re 100% that b*tch.


A bikini is a pair of underwear with a classic cut. Though it tends to have a low rise, it offers coverage in the back while still looking cute and flirty.


This underwear cut sits low on the hips and covers your back side with a little extra length on the bottom.


Unlike bikinis and hipsters, thongs offers little to no coverage in the back, so they’re great for when you’re trying to avoid panty lines (or just feeling extra cheeky).


While you’re likely familiar with bras, you may not all the know all the styles, including triangle, push-up, demi, balconette, and more. Explore different types to see what makes you feel your sexiest.


Similar to a bra, a bralette is all about giving your chest some support, but without any underwire or other structural elements for extra comfort.


Also called a teddy, a bodysuit may offer more coverage than two separate pieces, but somehow it just feels sexier than a typical bra-and-underwear set.


Robes are open garments that tie in the front and can be worn for a variety of occasions. And while you may not consider your terrycloth bathrobe especially sultry, you can really turn up the heat when you go with a sheer robe.


Usually made with spaghetti straps, a camisole or cami is a lingerie tank top. Choose silky or satin fabric cami with lace accents for an ultra luxe vibe.


By cinching the waist and supporting the breasts, this classic piece of lingerie can serve as shapewear under an outfit or a very sexy top on its own.


Similar to a corset, a bustier is an extended bra top that cinches the waist (while offering a little more flexibility and comfort than a corset).


A chemise is a short slip dress that’s meant to be paired with a matching bra-and-panty set... or not, depending what kind of mood you’re in while wearing it.


A garter or suspender belt has clips that allow it to hold up thigh-high stockings, and you can add it to almost any type of lingerie.

Lingerie is all about having fun and feeling like your fiercest, baddest self, so don’t be afraid to try something new. Rather than asking yourself, “Do guys like lingerie?,” you should go out and get yourself a hot new bodysuit.

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