6 Hot Pictures To Send Your Partner On Your First Anniversary That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Far from awkward first dates or that "Should I text them?" stress, once you've dated your boo for an entire year, you've probably grown pretty close. While you may be super comfortable with your partner and super in tune with what they're into, it's natural to want to brainstorm some hot pictures to send your partner on your first anniversary. Whether you can't be together on the actual day, or you want to start the celebration early with some sext texting, sending your boo a hot pic the morning of your first anniversary (or really anytime ever) can be a sexy surprise way to show your boo you're thinking of them.

Of course, no matter how long you've been dating, it's important to talk IRL about sexting before diving on in. You don't want to push any boundaries or limits with your partner, and you'll want to make sure everyone is on the same page about the responsibility that comes with sexting before sending off your sexy snaps. But if you've talked the talk and you're feeling ready for a photoshoot, sending a sexy picture can be the perfect present.

Here are six hot picture ideas to send your partner for your first anniversary.

Do A Time Hop

If you took a selfie before your first date, or just have some sexy pics from the time you started dating, a first anniversary can be the perfect time for a blast from the past. Sending a sexy picture of you when you and your started dating can be a cute way to show your boo how far you both have come, and can remind them of the sexy butterfly feelings you shared in the beginning.

Share A Memory

Maybe you've been on an amazing trip or had the best time ever at your cousin's wedding last winter. Sending a sexy picture from a beautiful memory you've shared together, or a sexy picture inspired by it — like a mirror selfie in the swimsuit you wore on vacation or a sexy pose in your bridesmaid dress — can be a great way to bring up a fun callback and also show some skin.

Getting Ready
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Getting ready for an anniversary dinner can provide you with endless opportunities for sexy snaps. A post-shower selfie, a mirror pic in your undies, some variation of half the outfit you're about to put on, can get your boo feeling sexy and ready to meet you for your night on the town. If you're long distance, or aren't seeing your boo on the actual day, taking a selfie in a soothing bath, or sending a pic from your bed can be a sexy way to show your boo what they're missing and get them amped to see you soon.

Sexy Spin On Your Six Month

If you celebrated your six month — sending a sexy variation of the outfit you wore can be a great way to celebrate a whole year. Maybe wearing the undies you wore to dinner or sending a selfie from your six month along with a new selfie from today. If you're looking for a little holiday tradition, take a couple sexy selfies before your current anniversary and hold off until your next one to send them. Giving your boo some ~unseen footage~ can be a totally sexy way to celebrate.

Day To Day

By now you and your boo probably know each other pretty well. They may know you have yoga on Thursday's or go to the same cafe every Monday to do work. Sending a sexy pic of you doing your normal routine is a great way to remind your boo that you're a strong independent person that still makes time to think of them. Whether you snap a sexy pic in your workout gear or make your fav barista take your pic that morning, incorporating your boo in your daily routine is a sexy way to celebrate one year.

In Their Clothes

You may have dozens of your boo's clothes, or maybe just a sweatshirt here and there. Sending a sexy pic in their clothes can be a cheeky way to celebrate the bond you've created. Of course, if you're totally different shapes and sizes, sending a pic in your own clothes is hot too. Maybe the shirt you picked up at the concert you went to or the hat they knit you for solstice.

Their Fave Part Of Your Bod

If you know you boo loves your eyes or if they're super into your lips, sending a close shot of their fave body party can be a sexy way to send some love. Of course, you never need to do something you're not totally comfortable with, and if you prefer a shot of your full face, that's totally hot to send too. Your partner loves you for a million reasons, probably more than they can count. It would be impossible to pin down just one thing they love. But if they always compliment your legs or you know they're totally into hips, sending a sexy snap can be a great way to ring in your one year.

If you're looking for the perfect hot picture to send your partner on your first anniversary, remember that anything you send will blow them away. Whether you share a fond memory or a sexy plan for the future — a picture says 1000 words. And if you're looking to say "Happy First Anniversary" a hot picture can be just the thing.