14 Valentine’s Day 2020 Gifts For Men & Women Under $50 That Your Boo Will Love Forever

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It can feel slightly nerve-wracking to find the best possible gift for your boo on Valentine's Day. As long as you choose your gift thoughtfully, though, the fact that you care about them will be very clear. To aid your research, here are some Valentine’s Day 2020 gifts under $50 for men, women, and non-binary folks. The trick with any gift is thinking about what your partner does during their day, what they love to do, and what they're curious about.

A gift can be something that makes their lives easier, like paying for their Netflix and Hulu accounts for three or four months or getting them an AI-assisted device like a Google Home Mini ($39). This kind of gift shows that you've paid attention to what might make things easier for them.

Another way you can figure out the best gift to give someone is to pay attention to the things they love. For instance, does your partner love subtle, classic jewelry pieces? Consider picking up these lovely 14 karat gold mini hoops from Meijuri ($50). Is your partner interested in cooking? Consider getting a subscription to Blue Apron ($47.95/week) that sends kits of food to be prepared right to your door. When you pay attention to things that a person cares about or might need, and then get them a gift based on your observations, they will likely feel super appreciated and seen.

Just remember that Valentine's is about showing your partner how much you care for them and gifts are just one way of doing so! However, if you want some ideas on what to get bae, check out the following gadgets.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

For the one who's always got hot sauce in their bag (and kitchen, bedroom, and refrigerator), this kit could be a great fit. They can tinker with the different spices and flavors, and will likely learn more about something they already enjoy!

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

Is there anything more comforting than coming home to your warm bed after a long day? This heated mattress pad eliminates a lot of the hassle of heated blankets and their cords by being a stationary part of your bed. Instead of risking being tangled in a cord, you can have a pad under your sheets that will make your bed super warm and cozy.

Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer

For the coffee lover in your life, a pour over set is a great idea for a gift. It can be really fun to take something you appreciate, like coffee, and learn how to make it for yourself in new ways.

BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket

Even though Valentine's Day is in the dead of winter, you can brighten up the holiday for your partner by gifting them something to use in the future. A beach blanket is a great excuse to get out and soak up some sun, and maybe they might even need it for an upcoming vacation.

LUXON Emergency Flashlight Multi-Tool

This multi-tool is for the significant other that loves tools, projects, and emergency preparedness. This neat tool is way more than a flashlight with more than six other features including a magnet, seatbelt cutter, SOS light and more.

My Sky Moment

This is probably one of the sweetest gift ideas I've ever seen (but maybe that's the astrology-lover in me speaking). If your partner is a romantic, consider gifting them an exact depiction of how the sky looked on a certain milestone of your relationship. Whether that's the first time you met, the first time your kissed, or any important date under the sun, they'll be sure to see stars with this gift.

Nulaxy Adjustable Laptop Stand

If your partner is hardworking day in and day out on a laptop, they might really appreciate a gift like this laptop stand. It's amazing how much a stand like this can improve a work day because you're not hunched over your laptop typing away and instead looking up at your screen with better posture. It can show that you care about them and pay attention to something that might improve their daily life.

Custom Pet Portait

If your partner is obsessed with their pet, this might be the perfect gift to get them. Commission a one-of-a-kind portrait of their pet that is both equal parts fancy and whimsical.

Royal Craft Wood Bathtub Caddy

If your partner enjoys relaxing in the tub after work, this caddy could really level up their bath enjoyment. Not only is it a great place to rest a book, glass of wine, cup of coffee, and more, it could also hold both of your beverages if you decide to chill out in the bath together.

Custom Wax Seal Stamp

If your partner is fond of letter writing, history, or just being straight up fancy— you really can't go wrong with getting them a custom wax seal. This kind of gift feels amazing to use and is a great motivation to write letters to friends that live far away.

The Art of Shaving 4 Piece Starter Kit

This kit is for the partner in your life that really appreciates a good, clean shave. This luxurious kit has multiple different products for a smooth, supple post-shave face that you will totally want to kiss.

Zodiac Constellation Necklace

If your partner loves jewelry but seems to lose things like earrings or bracelets quite often, a jewelry box could be a great gift. It's not something people often think to buy themselves and can make them feel super fancy.

Life Around 2 Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set

If your partner loves to relax in the tub, a bath bomb set can be a great gift idea. Not only because bath bombs rock, but also because sometimes it can be hard to make time for yourself in a busy schedule. If you have a bunch of bath bombs to use, though, it can become pretty easy to prioritize!

Hopefully, you and your partner have a lovely Valentine's Day filled with affection, celebration, and a gift that means a whole lot. Here's to getting them something they'll totally cherish.

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