The 6 Funniest Donald Trump Memes That Got Us Through 2017

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The year is slowly coming to a close, and it's pretty safe to say that 2017 hasn't been the best year for the United States, what with the political upheaval, natural disasters, and threat of nuclear war. But luckily, the internet exists and is here to alleviate some of the pain that I'm sure a large chunk of the nation is feeling when it comes to this past year. Because these Donald Trump memes about 2017 that have been circulating the inter webs have definitely made it a lot easier to laugh rather than cry.

This past year hasn't been a cakewalk by any means. Since his swearing in at the beginning of the year on Jan. 20, President Donald Trump's administration has been characterized by instability, with a revolving door of sorts in terms of the cabinet members, as well as what some have called the most political upheaval that we've experienced since Richard Nixon's administration in the early 1970s. And that's again, not even going into the multiple hurricanes that hit the country, the devastating wildfires that burned through California, or the possibility of a nuclear war with North Korea that still has everyone on edge.

But thankfully, we have the interconnectivity of the world wide web so that we can all commiserate together. Not to mention there's always pretty healthy guarantee that some clever mind out there will create a hilarious meme out of everything that Trump does to make his presidency easier to deal with. So here I give you just a handful of the clever memes that have resulted from Donald Trump's presidency.

There was the time that the internet mocked Trump and his bill signing abilities.

Let's start at the beginning. This meme took off less than two weeks after Trump took office and began his presidency by signing official memorandums and executive orders in front of the press.

And pretty quickly, people started photoshopping out what was originally on the documents and putting in different hilarious replacements.

Over the summer, there was the Trump solar eclipse meme.

Despite the fact that it was genuinely impossible to avoid people telling you "don't look at it" in the lead up to this summer's solar eclipse, our president seemed to have somehow missed the warning. During the Aug. 21 eclipse, cameras caught the president doing what literally everyone else knew not to — looking right at the sun.

Naturally, Twitter ran with it.

There was the moment during Trump's 12-day tour of Asia where he and Japan's prime minister fed fish in a koi pond.

During a visit to Japan on Nov. 6, Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shared a photo op in which they fed a pond full of koi fish. And although the video later showed that Trump was just following Abe's lead when he overturned the whole box of fish food, it didn't stop the internet from making fun of him.

Best of all? The Trump meme joined forces with one of the best memes of 2017, Salt Bae, to inspire this beautiful meme analogy:

There was also the time that Trump's Twitter account was disabled for 11 minutes.

For a shining moment on Nov. 2, Trump's Twitter account was deactivated. Visitors to the page got a notification that "sorry, this page does not exist" — and visitors rejoiced. Though the page quickly came back, Twitter later said in a tweeted statement that it had been taken down by an employee on their last day of work.

And naturally Twitter users laughed it up.

And of course who could forget the #AlertTheDayCareStaff meme?

That one exploded on Oct. 24 after Senator Bob Corker made the hilarious analogy comparing Trump's administration to a bunch of babysitters. After an insulting back and forth about whether Corker called Trump to ask for his endorsement, Corker replied to Trump by simply tweeting, "Same untruths from an utterly untruthful president. #AlertTheDaycareStaff."

And of course, the insult from Corker was an instant success on the internet, and inspired an entirely new hashtag: #TrumpDayCareActivities.

And last but not least, my personal favorite, the "Tiny Trump" meme.

Why? Who knows. Who cares? Tiny Trump is a gift of the internet.

In my opinion, if we're going to deal with the dysfunction of a Trump presidency for the next few years, I'm really happy that the internet is here to provide us with some laughs along the way. I'm sure there are going to be countless new memes that will surface come 2018, because this presidency isn't ending anytime soon and heaven knows the world needs some form of a coping tool to be able to handle Trump's White House administration.

I, for one, am very excited to see what the next year will bring in Trump meme-dom. But what I sincerely hope for more than anything is that this country will be able to pull itself together from this bitter divide that we've been experiencing as a nation. But if things don't get better? At least the internet Gods will keep blessing us with iconic memes that we can all laugh at.