21 Questions To Ask Your Hookup To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

by Jamie Kravitz

So you're hooking up with someone on the reg, and you feel so connected to them physically. But what if you want to take your relationship to the next level? Whether you're interested in learning more about them, you want to make your next hookup even more enjoyable, or you're curious about whether a romantic relationship is in the cards, these 21 questions to ask your hookup will help you get where you want to go. These questions are split into sections, depending on what you're trying to achieve.

Taking a relationship to the next level — whether it's emotionally, physically, or both — requires opening up and being honest with one another. When asking your hookup these kinds of personal questions, you should encourage them to ask you, too. Even better, you can volunteer the information on your own to let them know you're serious. As long as you're both actively asking and responding, the conversation can remain comfortable and stress-free. You can also work to maintain a low-pressure environment by starting the talk over text, or having a casual discussion while cuddling on the couch.

Here are 21 questions to pose to your current hookup, based on the direction you'd like to see your relationship go in.

Questions To Get To Know Them Better

1. What do you look for in a potential partner?

2. What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to dating?

3. Can you describe your ideal first date?

4. What's your go-to movie to watch with a date?

5. Who is your TV or movie character crush?

6. How would your best friend describe you?

7. What's your most used emoji?

Questions To Make The Next Hookup Even Hotter

8. What's a sex move you've always wanted to try?

9. What's your favorite position?

10. Do you like it when I kiss, touch, say, or do [insert specific body part, phrase, or move here]?

11. Do you prefer the lights on or off?

12. Do you like to listen to music while hooking up?

13. What's a sexual fantasy of yours?

14. Are you open to using toys or props during sex?

Questions To Gauge Romantic Potential

15. When was your last relationship?

16. Why did it end?

17. How long was your most serious relationship?

18. Have you ever been in love?

19. Would you consider yourself a monogamist, or do you prefer dating multiple people?

20. Are you looking for something long-term, or at least open to the idea?

21. Do you see this moving past just a hookup?

Talking about intimate subjects with a casual hookup might not be easy. In fact, bringing up some of these questions can feel downright scary. But the truth is, you'll never know unless you ask. And if you want to move forward with this person, it's better to find out whether they feel the same way, sooner rather than later.

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