20 Photos Of Celebrity Red Carpet Kisses That'll Put You In Your Feels

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Red carpet affairs allow celebrities to showcase their best fits, from Swarovski-adorned gowns to high-caliber suits. But these glamours events are also a chance to show off something else: the people they love. It's so heartwarming to look through photos of celebrity red carpet kisses because they happen constantly between Hollywood's finest couples, friends, and families.

While public displays of affection can be cringe-worthy to some, a peck on the cheek or a loving kiss in public never hurt anyone (to my knowledge). There are some celebrity couples who keep their PDA to a minimum, like Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas (they did not make this list because there aren't any photos of them getting super cozy at red carpet events, sadly). But, there are other couples who can't keep their hands off of each other (looking at you Cardi B and Offset). Then, there are friends and co-stars who are so close, they don't mind throwing a little platonic PDA at the cameras (hey, Selena Gomez and friends).

These photos are pretty special because each snap is a moment in Hollywood's time capsule, commemorating whirlwind romances, tight-knit friendships, and breakups, and they're bound to have you feelin' some type of way — if not all of the ways.

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