Sarah & Wells Got So Flirty About Her Flexibility On Instagram

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All I want is to have a cute and goofy relationship like Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams. Is that too much to ask for? Like, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams' Instagram interaction is relationship goals. Honestly, they are so precious, and goofy, and so dang flirty, and I'm totally jealy of their latest social media exchange.

So, here's what happened. Hyland took to the 'Gram to show off some serious bendy skills, y'all. The actor and singer is flexible AF. Like, when did she become a gymnast?! In a photo shared on Aug. 28, Hyland's leg is definitely in a position that looks humanly impossible to me and, apparently, to her fiancé, too. Adams hilariously commented (as any other caring significant other would): "I think your hip is broken." Lol.

Hyland commented back with a sharp and risqué response that is honestly so, so cute between lovers. "Hmm…I wonder why," she wrote next to a smirking emoji.

Whoa, things just escalated real quick and I'm still very much here for it and jealy. Hyland then took things back down by adding, "Was that too much?" Girl, that's your fiancé! It's never too much! Quite frankly, I'm down to see more of this flirty action.

Some of Hyland's followers agreed. One fan wrote, "Love how you said something whilst thinking it was dirty the instantly thought it’s too much neeeever! Be who you are." Yasss boo, do you. "No! We are here for it," wrote another. You go, Sarah.

The Modern Family actor admitted her new bendy-skills are owed to rehearsals for her new movie The Wedding Year. "Oh hey. Didn’t see you there. Since you’re here @theweddingyear comes out Sept 20th! Trailer link in bioooooo yooooo (yes this is from dance rehearsal for #theweddingyear)," she captioned the bendy snap.

The film, which is super stacked with celebs including Jenna Dewan, Wanda Sykes, Anna Camp, and Tyler James Williams, follows a commitment-phobic 27-year-old's new relationship as she puts it to the test while attending seven weddings in the same year. Y'know, basically a millennial's true right of passage.

Watch the trailer here to see how Hyland's new dance skills shine in the romantic-comedy slated for a Sept. 20 release in theaters.

The film looks so funny, but it also makes me think about Hyland's pending nuptials to Adams. She and Adams became engaged in July 2019 after about two years of dating. They sparked dating rumors after they sent each other flirty tweets in August 2017.

Though, they appeared to become more official in October 2017, when Hyland shared a hilarious Stranger Things-inspired couple costume on Halloween. Now, they're engaged.

But before we (or rather, I) begin probing about wedding plans, Adams revealed in an August 2019 interview with Entertainment Tonight he doesn't want to rush into a ceremony, but rather enjoy the process.

"We’re, like, a month into being engaged and I’ve never been engaged before and I assume I’m never going to be again, so I kind of want to just enjoy this little time,” Adams said.

Aww... I really like the sound of that. Sigh... I don't think I've ever been so excited for one of my favorite couples not to get married, or at least, not yet.