20 Movie Wedding Scenes That Will Inspire Your Own Beautiful Nuptials

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If there's one thing the movies get right, it's that weddings can be a mixed bag. These 20 movie wedding scenes encompass all of it: the good, the bad, and the yeah, kind of ugly. With weddings come the pains of putting your quirky extended family members together, or trying to smooth over slights between friends. Wedding-planning can be as tedious as it is exciting. You might have to stand up to nitpicking in-laws. You're consumed with questions like "Will my SO's parents like me?" and "Will my parents like them?" And youo might also ask yourself, too, "Am I even making the right decision by getting married right now?"

But of course, with the potential for drama and sabotage from family and friends, there's also all the lovely sights, sounds, tastes, and feelings a wedding can bring. You get the dreamy venue, romantic wedding destinations, sumptuous food and drinks, and lovely procession down the aisle. With a dance floor and an open bar, your reception becomes the perfect backdrop for a flirty meet-cute. And finally, you get all your loved ones — your ride-or-dies, tender-hearted family members, and even the lovably prickly ones — in one place to celebrate true love.

Here are 20 movie weddings that prove that love truly conquers all — and that you'll want to snag a bit of your aesthetic wedding inspiration from, too.

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