These 3 Zodiac Signs Make The Most Supportive Maids Of Honor

Astrologically speaking, certain people are just destined to be the best maids of honor. No matter their sign is, your maid of honor or "man of honor" or best "bridesmate" should be a ride-or-die. They should be your BFF or a sibling you're close with — or anyone near and dear to your heart whose unending support you want to celebrate on your special day.

But, with that being said, certain signs are particularly well-suited (or not) to maid-of-honor duties. Take someone who is a Taurus, for example. Symbolized by the bull, Taureans are stubborn AF. Never mind what you want for your wine selection or cake flavor. If they've got their heart set on a Riesling and red velvet, a Taurean maid-of-honor could do more harm than good.

A Virgo could turn that same hard-headedness to your own desires. But their uptight nature wouldn't leave room for switch-ups or spontaneity. On the other end of the discipline spectrum, a Sagittarian maid of honor could be a disaster, too. A Sagittarius' free-spiritedness would make them ideal for a bachelorette party, but would they even make it that far — with planning, that is? Likewise, a Leo would make sure the looks, the venue, and your honeymoon are as glam as possible. But you'll look around and find, suddenly, that everything revolves around them.

So in turn, here are three zodiac signs with the passion, leadership skills, and empathy needed to be an A+ maid of honor.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)
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Cancers are a tender and soft-hearted sign, so they'd be perfect to have by your side as you plan, execute, and revel in your wedding. But just like their symbol, the crab, they're soft on the inside and hard on the outside.

So yes, they will definitely tear up and remind you how special this milestone is when you're getting fitted for your wedding attire. But they'll will also call the florist to politely-but-firmly sort things out if you were double-charged for flower arrangements.

Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 23)
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Not only do Libras love love, but, like the scales that reprsent them, Libras live to be fair and balanced. Libras want to keep the peace. When it comes to maid-of-honor duties, they would bring that very approach to organizing the engagement party, wedding party activities, and the details of the wedding itself.

You bet Libras taking surveys to see which dates and times work best with everyone's schedule. They're smoothing out drama between your bridesmaids and helping them work through their issues over coffee. And again, fair and balanced, Libras will also find looks that everyone in your wedding party can agree on.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19)
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And last but certainly not least, there are Capricorns. They would bring the work ethic of a Virgo maid of honor, but they'd definitely bring a softer touch. Capricorns can be hard-headed — they're symbolized by a goat. But they often see the value in compromising in order to cross a goal off their list.

What's more is that their strong work ethic and compassion make them very thoughtful. A Capricorn maid of honor will definitely remind you that you'll need a gluten-free cake for your aunt and some vegan options for your co-workers. And along the way, they'd stay on top of making wedding planning as seamless and comfortable for you as possible.

Just because your maid of honor isn't one of these signs (for their sun, or their moon sign or rising sign) doesn't mean your wedding will be toast. It might just mean you have to keep an eye on their tendency toward stubbornness, eclectic tastes, or penchant for mischief. If your current maid-of-honor pick is one of the above, you're in luck. And if you're on the fence about which sibling or which BFF gets to be made of honor, you might want to gather up some birth charts.