Here's What An Astrology Expert Wants You To Know About Bumble's New Feature

by Valerie Mesa

We are indeed in the midst of a cosmic revolution, my friends. Bumble just announced its latest feature, "Filters," where users can filter out potential dating prospects by their zodiac sign. Yes, this is real life, and while I normally don't judge someone who would date by zodiac sign (considering that's the first thing I think about upon meeting someone), I can't help but both cringe at the idea and love it at the same time. Granted, I am an astrologer, so I definitely have mixed feelings about this. However, I am genuinely thrilled to see how astrology continues to grow as a full force in our everyday lives.

Before I share what I think about the addition of the filters, here's what Bumble shared exclusively with Elite Daily about the project. "Users who are passionate about astrology will now be able to have a new experience on Bumble and quickly match with users based on their zodiac compatibility," Alexandra Williamson, Bumble's Chief Brand Officer, said. "We want users to match with people who they find the most compatible, but also, to help them find new types of people to connect with, too," Williamson added. "If you only date Leos, maybe you should make an effort to connect with people who have a different star sign!"

TBH, I really like Bumble's approach in wanting us to steer away from our usual preferences, in regards to the zodiac signs. This definitely makes sense, and I think it could totally bring Bumble users fresh new experiences. I, too, am guilty AF for falling for the same zodiac signs, over and over again. (How many more Scorpios, Pisces, and Geminis, Valerie? Don't mind me, I am simply calling myself out for being basic.) Mind you, I'm not just referring to romantic partners. This goes for my friendships, too! Kudos to Bumble for inspiring us to step out of our cosmic comfort zones.

OK, so remember how I said I had mixed feelings about this? Well, there are a number of factors to consider in astrology, especially when you're looking for a potential partner, whether it be for business or pleasure. You cannot assume that you're compatible with someone solely based on their sun sign. This is a major FAIL, stargazers. Put it this way: knowing someone's zodiac sign is almost as inconclusive as knowing their first name. There's always more to discover and the sun sign just scratches the surface.

Also, this might sound silly, but I would hate to see the zodiac signs with a bad reputation (you know who you are) get the shorter end of the stick. Besides, one of the many reasons why some people cease to believe in astrology, is precisely because of their lack of knowledge. For example, if a Gemini, with barely any Geminish influences in their chart, reads about their sign, they're going to immediately think that astrology is a scam because they can't relate, right? If that person dug a little deeper and learned more about their rising and moon signs, they might learn to identity more with astrology after all.

Keep in mind, Bumble's latest feature isn't necessarily encouraging us to filter out any particular sign. On the contrary, they're giving us full control of our user experience. "We always encourage our users to Bumble with an open mind; don’t judge a book by the Virgo," said Williamson. "We don’t think your zodiac sign should be a make or break in dating, but it creates a more personalized experience for our users and hopefully makes starting a conversation with someone just a little bit easier, too!"

Before I forget, I know I already mentioned that I'm an astrologer, but I also want to point out that I am an eternal student before anything else. Astrology is infinite, and despite the fact that it's become a major part of millennial culture, there's still a fine line between using it as a tool in your everyday life, and saturating its meaning to the point of overkill, and plain nonsense. What I'm trying to say is, now that Bumble users have the ability of incorporating astrology into their user experience, I hope it is used for the right reasons.

In the meantime, here are some factors to consider:

You Are Not Just Your Sun Sign

Knowing someone's zodiac sign is barely enough info to understand who that person is. On the day you were born, the sun was traveling through a specific sign, but there are still other planets and astrological aspects to consider. It gets deeper, stargazers. When reading someone's birth chart, the sun plays a crucial role, as it is a representation of the ego, father, core essence, and soul purpose.

Consider The Rising Sign

Your rising sign, or ascendant, is the overall theme of your birth chart. A lot of you may unconsciously feel attracted to someone's rising sign (or Midheaven) via Bumble. The rising sign depends on your exact time of birth, as there was a specific sign rising over the eastern horizon. This is the zodiac sign that tints the energy of your personality, over all appearance, and general sense of self.

Most importantly, the rising sign, and its degree, determines the exact order of the 12 astrological houses, which in turn, dictates the energy of each house. P.S. In my experience of working with people, and teaching them about their rising sign, the majority of them end up relating to that sign more than their actual sun sign.

Hint: the more compatible the rising signs are, the better. This is because the first and seventh house represent the me vs. we, and sense of self vs. the type of partner the person's looking for. #JustSaying.

Where's Venus And Mars?

Also, (and this one is fun) looking into someone's Venus and Mars sign can help you determine their overall seduction style, what they're looking for in a relationship, and what makes them burn with desire, and red-hot passion. FYI: You can tell what turns a man on by looking at their Mars sign, while women tend to mimic the qualities of their Venus sign when they're attracted to someone. (You're welcome.)

In the end, there are so many other factors to consider when using Bumble, or any dating app for that matter. The ones I mentioned above give you more than enough to work with. However, in the meantime, do me a favor and don't settle for just a sun sign, OK? Dig a little deeper, keep an open mind, and in the words of Alexandra Williamson, Bumble's Chief Brand Officer, "don’t judge a book by the Virgo!"

It's 2019, stargazers. This is your opportunity to get out there and mingle! Besides, dating apps are a real thing these days. According to a survey organized by trendy wedding planning site The Knot, online dating is in fact the most popular way currently engaged couples have met, and the chances have increased 5 percent in just two years. Worth a try, right?