This Is The Most Expensive Thing In Your Apartment, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

Everyone has a guilty pleasure, and for the record, desires aren't always sexual. Speaking of which, I'm going to reveal the most expensive thing in your apartment, according to your zodiac sign; although, if you're really interested in knowing what makes you totally irresistible, or what you absolutely can't live without, take a second to look at where Venus is located in your birth chart. Remember, Venus rules Taurus and Libra, so if your Venus is in any of these two signs, it naturally thrives, as it is working at its fullest potential. Moreover, you should also look at which house it's located in as well, as this can help you determine the overall theme of your relationships, and values.

It's funny. I love when people tell me things like, "I'm not envious," or "I don't have a guilty pleasure," because believe it or not, that's a lie. Now, I can honestly say I fall into the "I'm not envious," category, but then again, I, too, have a Venus sign, just like everyone else. In astrology, Venus represents what we desire the most, and in mythology, she wasn't necessarily the sweetest. On the contrary, Venus used her beauty to get what she wanted most, as she was vain and selfish. The planets all have their pros and cons, but I figured I'd point that out.

Now, let's say your Venus is in Gemini (like me!). This simply means you can't resist a mentally stimulating conversation, and you naturally surround yourself with witty intellectuals who can keep up with your insatiable curiosities, back-to-back text messages, and witty banter. Those with their Venus in the sign of the twins love to splurge on agendas, notebooks, stationary, and all things versatile. In fact, these chatty chameleons love to collect snazzy cell phone covers, which is also totally mercurial, aka Gemini's ruling planet. However, if you're interested in learning more, you can find your Venus sign here.

Nevertheless, here's the most expensive, aka Venusian, thing in your apartment, as per your zodiac sign:

Aries: Your Workout Equipment

Aside from your obsession with anything leather and all things boujee, you can't live without your sleek workout equipment. Staying active is a must, and you're competitive when it comes down to staying fit.

Taurus: Your Entire Dining Room

TBH, you don't even count, considering there's really nothing you don't want, Taurus. However, when it comes down to the must-haves, you love expensive silverware, plush rugs, and gaudy light fixtures.

Gemini: Your Office Supplies

Oh, Gemini. You could never get enough technology gadgets, cell phone accessories, and well, your office space is your favorite place to be. Also, we can't forget about your super speed Internet system.

Cancer: Your Entire Bedroom

You're the moodiest sign in the zodiac, and well, where do you go when you're in the mood to hide? You bedroom is your magical sanctuary, and don't get me started on your uber high thread-count sheets.

Leo: Your Balcony Or Patio

Let's face it, Leo; you need a space to host your lavish events, because we all know where the after party's at. You love to dance, and be center of attention, so the more space the better.

Virgo: Your Kitchen Supplies

Oh, Virgo. You can't deny that you're extremely picky, especially when it comes down to your cooking utensils, and one-of-a-kind cookware. You like to do things right, and you'll invest if need be.

Libra: Your Mirrors And Vanity Area

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Obviously you are, Libra, and your sparkling vanity is proof that you are indeed a child of Venus. BTW, your makeup is a totally different conversation.

Scorpio: Your Sex Dungeon

Cat's out of the bag, Scorpio. Besides, everyone knows you need to have orgasms on a regular basis. You are naturally secretive about your sex toy collection, but you have to admit, they're not always affordable.

Sagittarius: Your Exotic Souvenirs

You've traveled all over the world, and you genuinely pride yourself on all of your foreign experiences. Oh, and all of your colorful souvenirs have a back story, too.

Capricorn: Your Library Of Books

You love all things vintage, and your extensive collection of books is something you cherish dearly. In fact, some of you prefer hiding the exclusive gems under lock and key.

Aquarius: Your Robot Vacuums

Leave it to an Aquarius to purchase the latest robots on the market, of course. Be honest. Are you genuinely using the vacuum, or are you simply fascinated by it?

Pisces: Your Audio Visual System

Oh, Pisces. I would've immediately said your plush bedding, but then I remembered how you sit and watch your favorite movies and shows back-to-back. Plus, you literally can't stand the thought of a small TV.