4 Zodiac Signs That Make Terrible Maids Of Honor, So Watch Out

If you've been planning the wedding of your dreams since childhood, you may already know who you want to be leading your #bridesquad. From organizing the bridal shower to always having a bobby pin on call — being the bride's right hand lady is no small feat. Whether you're thinking about your wedding party or just daydreaming about the future, it may be helpful to consider which zodiac signs typically make the worst maids of honor.

Though these signs can be great leaders and trendsetters, they may not be the best at planning someone else's wedding. From sweating the small stuff to wanting the attention all to themselves — some signs may be better wedding guests than maids of honor. Of course, no one knows your wedding party better than you do and astrology doesn't need to determine how you plan your big day. Whether your bestie is going to be your maid of honor no matter what or that space has been saved for your sister — your wedding day is going to be amazing, regardless of their zodiac signs.

Still, if you're just a teensy bit curious, these four signs historically may not make for the best maids of honor.

Dina Giangregorio/Stocksy

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Taurus knows what they like. Their ability to follow their heart and really do what they want really makes them incredible lovers with a keen eye for home decor. Yet, when it comes to helping a bride with her wedding, Taurus may struggle to put their own opinions aside. From picking a theme and sticking to it to being a little inflexible with dates or food options, a Taurus MOH may forget it's not their wedding.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21)

Adventurous Sagittarius doesn't stick to a script. They enter a room with incredible energy and will surely pick amazing food and music options for all the pre-wedding festivities. Though they love their friends and family, when it comes to being someone's MOH, Sag is likely to ditch the bridal shower for an impromptu road trip or turn the bachelorette party into a last minute salsa night — without really asking the bride's permission.

Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 22)

It's not that Virgo would be a bad maid of honor, it's that Virgo would be too good of a maid of honor. If you're totally "Type A" and you want every second of your wedding to be planned perfectly, a Virgo will give you just that. If you're going for a beach wedding or you're not super stressed about the details, Virgo will be calling you at midnight about the fonts on the invitations.

Leo (July 23—Aug. 22)

Although Leo's magnetic personality and love of the limelight makes them a fun friend or family member to hangout with, when it comes to being a maid of honor, they may struggle to let the bride have all the attention. Of course, with some patience, these lions really do play nice with others. Additionally, Leo is likely to advocate for bridesmaid dresses that look cute on everyone (but especially them).

Though astrology can be fun to discuss, it certainly doesn't dictate everything. Whether your Leo sister was an amazing maid of honor or you couldn't have planned your wedding without your Taurus bestie, no one knows your wedding party better than you do. Choosing a maid of honor is a big deal and whoever you pick will totally be up to the task.